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Items are permanent upgrades that the player collects to increase their characters' stats and use unique abilities and mechanics. Not all items are entirely beneficial to the player—some have negative effects.

Main Mechanics

When a player collects an item, it is added to their inventory, and its effect is permanent. The inventory can only display 72 items (with the bottom row of 24 partially offscreen), but the player actually has an infinite inventory.

Items cannot be removed from the inventory by normal means. However, a Chaos Token will randomize items in the inventory. Some items, such as Duplicator and Toilet Paper, will be removed from the inventory once their effect is used.

List of Items

There are 227 items as of Heaven & Hell.

Name Icon Shopkeeper Quotes Description Price Version Added
Ace of Aces
Item aceofaces.png
The best card of them all! Aces! Increases damage for all weapons. $500 1.0 - Dead Estate
Ace of Clubs
Item aceofclubs.png
Fill them with lead! Your dad and I used to LOVE playing euchre... Increases damage for machine guns. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Ace of Diamonds
Alt=An image of an ace of diamonds playing card
Blow 'em away! You used to love Go Fish when you were little. Increases damage for explosives. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Ace of Hearts
Item aceofhearts.png
Not as lovely as it seems. Increases damage for shotguns. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Ace of Spades
Item aceofspades.png
Good for whackin'. You wanna play cards? Increases damage for melee weapons. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
An image of a regal chalice containing a red liquid
This will heal all of your wounds. I made it fresh -- just for you! Fully heals you upon buying or picking up. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Ammo Recycler
An image of a blue bucket with an up arrow etched into it
How does it work? I don't know, just buy it! Always recycle, honey! Chance for shots to not use up any ammo when fired. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Ancient Tome
An image of an old, hardcover book with a golden lock
That's just my sketchbook. Promise not to look inside, okay? Oh, do you need a new sketchbook? Bosses spawn with lower health. $500 1.0 - Dead Estate
Ancient Urn
Alt=An image of a cracked, brown urn
Don't spill it, that's bad luck. Grandpa's in there! Dropping to 1 HP will damage every enemy in the room. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
An image of an arrow used in a bow
Fwoosh! Fwoosh! Bullets travel further. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
An image the periodic table entry for Gold, showing its symbol of Au and its atomic number of 79
Feeling greedy? Strike gold! Chance for golden enemies to spawn that drop only gold coins. $300 1.2 - Home Theater
Aura of Ammunition
Item auraofammunition.png
You'll want to align your chakras before using this. Don't you know magic? Why do you need so much ammunition, sweetheart?< Ammo drops become more frequent. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Baby Chunks
An image of a small deranged rat in a yellow jumpsuit, a smaller version of the Chunks character
Fun-sized! Chance for a mini-Chunks to spawn upon entering rooms that attacks enemies. $300 1.2 - Home Theater
An image of a black walkie-talkie
Just gimme a call with this and I'll have your back, okay? When did we get so many explosives in this house?... Staying in a room for a while will cause bombs to drop from the ceiling. $500 1.0 - Dead Estate
Item bait.png
This should slow that rat down a bit. You know how much your father's mouse loves cheese. Why don't you go feed him with this? Chunks takes longer to move between rooms. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Ball 'n' Chain
Item ballnchain.png
That'll keep ya steady. Geez, isn't that heavy? Firing your weapons won't knock you back. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
an image of an ammo bandolier.
Weapons don't use any ammo for the first 3 seconds after entering a room. 1.0 - Dead Estate
Beating Bomb
An image of a cartoonish heart accompanied by a timer
What more could you want? That's... a bit disturbing. Chance for enemies to explode on death. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Beef Ramen
An image of an instant ramen package, yellow with a brown accent
Don't eat too much, you might catch scurvy! Beef is the best! Chance to block incoming damage when you have less than $100. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Big Heart
An image of a large, bright red, anatomically correct heart
It’s still beating. Eek! I think it just moved! Beefy enemies become more common, but drop more money on death. $200 1.2 - Home Theater
Big Spender
Item bigspender.png
Got a few bucks to blow? When a weapon runs out of ammo, you can continue firing using money instead. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Bigger Bullets
Alt=An image of a comically large bullet
Bigger bullets. Bigger bullets. Bigger bullets. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
Blacksmith's Anvil
Alt=An image of a black anvil
I don't know how you're planning on lugging that old thing around. Do you want help carrying it? Destroying a weapon will create a different, new weapon that can't be destroyed. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Block of Ice
An image of a square block of ice
Buy it before it melts! Fresh from the freezer! Enemies are stunned for a second after entering a room. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Blood Bullets
An image of a golden bullet dripping with blood
You're some kinda junkie for ammo. I can clean those for you. Chance to obtain ammo after taking damage. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Blood Money
An image of a green dollar note dripping with blood
Greedy, aren't ya? Taking damage will give you money. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Blood Vial
An image of a chemical vial containing a red liquid, assumed to be blood
This won't really benefit you in any way, but having this makes things a lot more fun. ...Gross, but anything for my daughter. Gorier kills. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
Item bloodthirst.png
That’s a little bit gross, but I won’t judge. I thought the house can use a little tidying up! Allows you to absorb blood before it hits the floor, giving you money. $500 1.0 - Dead Estate
Alt=An image of a large, red boxing glove facing the viewer
That's a priceless artifact, be careful using it. Don't hurt anybody with it, dear! Chance for your shots to knock enemies further back. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
Bullet Brain
Item bulletbrain.png
That'll do you good for about 60 or 70 years. That's one of your dad's experiments, take care of it! Weapons spawn with more ammo. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Brass Knuckle
An image of a single brass knuckle weapon
Knock some teeth out!! Melee weapons do extra damage half the time. Fist-type weapons do even more extra damage. $200 1.2 - Home Theater
Alt=An image of a single wireless earbud
Don't get earwax in them, dude. Only $500 for these! Nightcore everything. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
Broken Mirror
An image of a broken circular mirror with a black frame and handle
Sounds like bad luck. Sounds like bad luck. Bullets are reflected on impact with enemies. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
An image of a cartoonish effect bubble containing "BTGO"
You should thank me for being so generous! I'll give you whatever I have left! Buying 3 items from the shopkeeper on the same floor gives you a free item chest. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Busted Microwave
An image of a destroyed microwave giving off an eerie green color
Get the hot pockets! Smells like popcorn. Makes all of your bullets slightly radioactive. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Butterscotch Bunny
An image of a rabbit-shaped caramel, a common Easter candy
Where do all of these flavored bunnies keep coming from?? When did we get so many bunny candies? Increases your damage. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
An image of a circular saw blade with large teeth
Cute, isn't he? Be careful! He's got sharp edges! Spawns a buzzsaw buddy that rotates around you and damages enemies. $300 1.1 - Halloween Update
Item calendar.png
A different effect for every day of the week! A different effect for every day of the week! Effect changes depending on weekday. $200 1.4 - Heaven & Hell
Candy Bag
Item candybag.png
I personally went trick-or-treating with this bag for fourteen years... Take care of it. I remember when you would go out on Halloween with this!... Where does the time go?... Enemies and pots drop more money. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Candy Cane
An image of a short peppermint candycane with its typical red and white striped pattern
Those are a little out of season right now, aren't they? Merry Christmas! Increases max HP. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Caramel Bunny
An image of a rabbit-shaped caramel, a common Easter candy
Leftover from last year's Easter party. I thought you didn't like caramel? Increases your fire rate. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
Chaos Token
An image of a golden coin with a red question mark engraved on it
Redeem a hundred of these for a prize! Randomizes all of your items at the start of the next floor. $500 1.0 - Dead Estate
Chocolate Bunny
An image of a rabbit-shaped chocolate, a common Easter candy
"Yuck! Caramel!" Don't you love these, honey? Increases your jump height. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
Chicken Ramen
An image of an instant ramen packet, yellow with an orange accent
Always good on a budget, right? Do more damage when you have less than $100. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Choco Bar
An image of an opened chocolate bar with a large bite already taken from it
I was gonna eat that later... but if you want it, take it. I know how much you love chocolate! Makes you move faster. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Christmas Gift
An image of a square Christmas present, green and wrapped with a red ribbon
Christmas came early, huh. Get a free item at the start of every floor. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Chrysus Medallion
An image of a golden coin
This could get you out of some tight spots. Ooo, look at all the little details on it! When you hit 0 HP you will stay alive while rapidly losing money until you hit $0. $500 1.0 - Dead Estate
Item combustophile.png
KABOOM! Why are you interested in so much of this dangerous garbage?... Makes all explosions larger. Enemies killed with explosions will explode themselves. $200 1.2 - Home Theater
An image of a yellow theater mask with face and mouth carvings that resemble smiling features
Hah! Hah! Enemies will release a barrage of projectiles at other enemies upon death. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Item compass.png
Yeah, who likes exploring anyways? It's so easy to get lost in this darn house. Reveals the location of shops, treasure rooms, boss rooms, and more on the map. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
Item coupon.png
Applicable at participating stores only! You're lucky I keep these around! Decreases the cost of all items in the shop by 25%. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Cursed Crown
An image of a dark crown adorned with a red gem
It isn't very fair, but it works. Oh, that's one of your dad's things, I think. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you borrowed it for a bit. All enemies take a little damage after entering the room. $500 1.0 - Dead Estate
Curve Ball
Item curveball.png
Swing batter, batter! Increases fire rate, but causes all projectiles to curve. $100 1.4 - Heaven & Hell
Item darts.png
Bullseye! I remember you used to be pretty darn good at darts as a kid. One enemy is marked for death at the start of every room. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Demon Lung
Item demonlung.png
You can hear it sizzling when if you put your ear up to it. Fire will burn enemies for a longer amount of time and do more damage. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Dead Eye
Item deadeye.png
Nasty! Locks you to 1 HP but doubles your fire rate and damage. $300 1.1 - Halloween Update
Dead Rat
An image of a rat corpse with an unusual, golden outline
N/A N/A Chunks never spawns again. 1 TP 1.3 - Bombs Away
Destructive Aura
Item destructiveaura.png
Those vases'll with they'd never been born! Destroy pots by walking into them or jumping on them. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Diet Pills
An image of a typical yellow prescription pill bottle
Sure, you need a prescription for them.

...But I don't care.

Briefly move a lot faster when you enter a room. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Double Slurp Cup
Item doubleslurpcup.png
Be careful not to make a mess with that! Be careful not to make a mess with that! Bullets travel faster and splash blood upon impact. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
Drone Buddy
An image of a red, floating entity with a white snout
D'aww, look at him! Just don't stand in front of the barrel. He fires with you! $300 1.1 - Halloween Update
Duane Burger
Item duaneburger.png
It's my family's own recipe, so you better enjoy it. That's an old family recipe! Your grandma would make these for me all the time when I was your age. Increases your maximum health but slows you down a bit. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Item dumbbell.png
Pump some iron! Chance to fire a large, heavier projectile. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Item dummy.png
Looks kinda like you! ...Creepy. Drop a dummy that distracts enemies once per room after taking damage. $200 1.2 - Home Theater
An image of a remote control with a single large red button on it
Basically cheating. Three!? Now why would you need that many? Gives you three of the next item you pick up. $500 1.0 - Dead Estate
Dynamite Stick
Item dynamitestick.png
Just light it and throw. Small chance for your shots to explode. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Edible Bullets
Alt=An image of a pile of bullets in a brown, food-like color
You want any sauce with those? I really don't think you should be eating those, sweet pea. Destroying weapons heals you. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Item eggy.png
Maggots. Maggots? Maggots. $200 1.2 - Home Theater
An image of a strange, multicolored and multitextured object
Hey, this shouldn't be here! How’d this get here? Randomizes your secondary weapon every three seconds. $200 1.1 - Halloween Update
Elevator Button
An image of a pale, square button
Weird how our elevators don't even use buttons. Guarantees that a special elevator will appear on every floor. $500 1.3 - Bombs Away
Evil's Bane
Item evilsbane.png
This'll keep that big fella from showing up for a little longer. Prevents Chunks from showing up on each floor for an additional minute. $500 1.0 - Dead Estate
An image of a white medical pipet squirting a drop of liquid solution
Put a couple of these in your eye and you'll be sharpshooting like never before. Oh, be careful putting those in dear! Increases your accuracy. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
Eviction Notice
Item evictionnotice.png
Pack up your stuff and leave! Chance for some enemies to get scared and leave the room once one of their own is killed. $300 1.2 - Home Theater
Fake Poo
Item fakepoo.png
Heheh. Hehe (changes all fire weapon sounds to a "fart" sound) $500 1.0 - Dead Estate
Fake Puke
Item fakepuke.png
Blargh! Eugh. Shotguns fire double the projectiles with less accuracy and damage. 1.0 - Dead Estate
Fancy Shield
Item fancyshield.png
Who knows? It could save your life someday! Ooo, isn't that neat? Grants you a shield every 2 minutes that absorbs 1 damage. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Fear Itself
An image of a black cowl with bat-like features, similar to the superhero Batman
Take your negative energy and put it to good use. Scary! Fire your weapon faster. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
An image of a green military flashbang
Throwing flash! Just that terrorist game you play on the computer! Allows pots and enemies to sometimes drop flashbangs that stun all enemies upon picking them up. $200 1.1 - Halloween Update
An image of an abstract representation of a fly with mostly circular shapes
N/A N/A Significantly boosts movement speed and gives +2 jumps. 1 TP 1.3 - Bombs Away
Forever Flame
An image of an orange flame with an ember flying off it
Hot hot hot! You’re gonna burn yourself with that! A spinning flame that circles around you and burns enemies. $500 1.2 - Home Theater
Friday Night Pumpkin
An image of a pumpkin carved to resemble the Girlfriend character from Friday Night Funkin'
Can you feel the beat? Every fourth consecutive shot deals more damage. 1.0 - Dead Estate
Friends 'till the End
An image of a brown stuffed bear
That was my best friend growing up. He can be yours, too!... for a bit of cash. Didn't you use to love this little guy when you were younger? Move faster and slow down nearby enemies while at 1 HP. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Funky Syringe
An image of a syringe filled with green liquid, with an unusual golden outline
N/A N/A Significantly boosts your damage and attack speed.. 1 TP 1.3 - Bombs Away
An image of a pile rainbow colored sticks, implied to be a type of candy
Just don't eat too many. Those aren't too healthy, honey! Mmm... yummy... $500 1.0 - Dead Estate
Fuzzy Dice
Item fuzzydice.png
Perfect for a rear-view mirror! Increases the chance for higher-value items to spawn. $200 1.4 - Heaven & Hell
Garlic Necklace
An image of a necklace strung with garlic, a traditional ward against vampires and other monsters
Just take this one off my hands, will you? It's... quite pungent... Enemies will approach you slower. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
Gas Mask
An image of a typical industrial gas mask, with a green filter over the mouth area
Mmmph! Time to cook! Some enemies release toxic gas on death, which burns other enemies on contact. $300 1.2 - Home Theater
An image of an astrology symbol representing the Gemini zodiac
Two for the price of one or something! Don't tell me you're interested in astrology now, honey. Chance to fire double the normal amount of projectiles while shooting. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Get Dizzy
Item getdizzy.png
Try not to throw up. Boosts damage, but causes bullets to randomly change direction. $100 1.4 - Heaven & Hell
Ghost Bullet
An image of a white bullet with a ghastly particle effect railing off it
Especially good with heavier weapons! Be careful with that! Killing enemies instantly resets your weapon's reload time. $500 1.0 - Dead Estate
Glass Eye
An image of a shiny, reflective eyeball
Aimhacker! I don't wanna know where this has been. Shots hone in on enemies. $500 1.0 - Dead Estate
An image of a globe
You skipped all of your geography classes in high school and NOW you want this dusty old thing?! Reveals the entire map of every floor from now on , but all floors become permanently larger. $300 1.2 - Home Theater
Glory Box
An image of a stereotypical treasure chest, made of wood with a golden trim
You'd have to be a dummy not to buy this one! Look at how pretty it is! Treasure rooms contain an additional item chest. $500 1.0 - Dead Estate
Glow Sticks
Item glowsticks.png
Tasty! Please don't eat them. Gives you a low-damage radioactive aura. $200 1.1 - Halloween Update
Gold Herb
Item goldherb.png
Be careful, it isn't edible. Be careful, it isn't edible. Increases your maximum health by 2. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Gold Kernel
An image of a corn kernel with an sparking sheen and an unusual, golden outline
N/A N/A Enemies drop double the coins. 1 TP 1.3 - Bombs Away
Gold Ring
"An image of a gold-colored ring with a green halo
It's fake gold, by the way Grants a small chance to completely negate damage from enemies when attacked. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Guardian Angel
An image of a heart being gently held by two white hands, with a halo floating overhead
It'll always have your back. Just give it back when you are done, okay? Briefly grants invincibility upon entering a room. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Item gully.png
Oh hell, not THIS guy. Disgusting bird. Poop. $300 1.4 - Heaven & Hell
Gun Nut
Item gunnut.png
Not recommended if you have allergies. We should test you for allergies before you get this... Item chests will contain weapons instead. 1.0 - Dead Estate
An image of a pile of gunpowder
Boom. Heavens, doesn't it smell terrible? Increases the size of all explosions. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
An image of a handsaw with large teeth
Just don't nick yourself, alright? You wanna try woodworking, dear? Enemies take 2x damage when they're at full health. $300 1.2 - Home Theater
Half Heart Locket
An image of a heart locket with the right side inexplicable broken off
No, I don't know where the other half is. Does your friend still have the other half? Oh, you should have her over sometime! Heart pots spawn more often. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Heart of Steel
An image of a cartoonish heart made of metal and bolts
Destroying a weapon with full ammo raises your Max HP. 1.0 - Dead Estate
Item heatseeker.png
100% Accurate! Chance for shots to seek out and target enemies. $200 1.2 - Home Theater
An image of a worm curled in the shape of a heart
Keep that thing away from your pets! Oh, don't let that thing get near Chunks -- your dad would be very upset! Health pickups drop more often. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Item holster.png
More firepower! How are you gonna carry around that many staffs? Gives you an additional weapon slot. $500 1.1 - Halloween Update
Holy Aura
Item holyaura.png
Sheesh, it's almost blinding. Makes enemy projectiles slow down as they approach you. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
An image of a brown hourglass
Clock's tickin'! It's...dusty. Triples the time it takes for items to disappear. $100 1.2 - Home Theater
Item ied.png
Where the hell did this come from?... ...I'm just going to assume this was one of your dad's "projects"... Causes some pots to explode on destruction. $100 1.2 - Home Theater
Insurance Card
An image of a white slip with information illegibly scribbled on it
Lookin' to get a checkup? We've been trapped in this house so long I can't remember the last time I saw a doctor... Guarantees that a doctor's office will appear on every main floor. $100 1.2 - Home Theater
Item Refresher
An image of two light blue arrows pointing towards each other in a circular motion
Not happy? Just press the button! Just don't waste it! A button will appear in all item chest rooms that allows you to reroll the contents of the chest . Can only be used five times. $300 1.2 - Home Theater
Jelly Bean Box
Item jellybeanbox.png
They've been in the cupboard for two years. Want 'em? You want some, sweetheart? Pots will sometimes drop jelly beans. Collecting 4 heals you. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Jester's Cap
Item jesterscap.png
It suits you! Oh... I remember you giggling so much when dad would wear this when you were a baby... Lowers your max HP by half, but also increases your damage by 50%. $500 1.0 - Dead Estate
Kevlar Backpack
Item kevlarbackpack.png
Not as heavy as you'd think, right? This seems a bit... grim. Protects you from projectiles from behind. $300 1.4 - Heaven & Hell
King's Crown
An image of a royal crown with golden accents over a puffy red cap
Looks a bit too regal for you... +2 max HP. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Kitchener Leslie's Lady
An image of a stereotypical pink piggybank
You better not think about laying a finger on Kitchener Leslie's girlfriend! Oh, you need a new piggy bank? Higher chance for enemies to drop gold coins. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Leech Pact
An image of dry parchment with something written on it in blood
Generate a little money as long as you’re at 1 HP in a room with enemies. 1.3 - Bombs Away
Item lead.png
It's actually just graphite... Don't worry, it's really just graphite. Enemies spawn with less health -- some might spawn with more. $200 1.3 - Bombs Away
Lead Gut
Item leadgut.png
Consider asking your doctor about using this before you buy it. Ammo drops heal you instead of giving you ammunition. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Item lighter.png
With this thing, your bullets will set foes aflame... ...sometimes. Don't play with that! Chance for shots to burn enemies. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Liquid Luck
An image of a beaker pouring out a gold substance
It's not what it looks like. I hope this isn't what I think it might be. Significantly increases the odds of any chance-based item successfully working. $500 1.0 - Dead Estate
Lucky Dice
Item luckydice.png
Go on. Visit HER instead. I don't even care Increases the chance for cultist shops to appear. $300 1.2 - Home Theater
Magic Carpet
An image of a curled, ornate rug
Imbued with my powers! Just don't get rug burn, okay? Grants you an extra jump that boost you on use. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Magnifying Glass
An image of a black-framed magnifying glass
Look a little closer. Look a little closer, dear. Chance to receive coins upon entering a room for the first time. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
An image of a rolled up map secured with a red ribbon
This'll guide you well. You might need this, sweetie! Reveals the entire map of the current floor. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Marshmallow Bunny
alt=An image of a rabbit-shaped marshmallow, a common Easter candy
These were always my little brother's favorite flavor.. Don't eat too many now, dearie. Increases your movement speed. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
An image of a first-aid kit with a pink cross adorning
Who needs doctors or surgeons when you have this? It's okay, I have plenty more of these where this came from! Receive a full heal at the start of each floor. $500 1.0 - Dead Estate
Mercury Blob
An image of a blob of liquid metal
Sorry, I couldn't afford a gold one. Don't eat it! Gold coins will never drop, but silver coins become worth more. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Milkbar Lads T-Shirt
An image of a black graphic tee with illegible white lettering
What a lousy shirt! What a cute shirt! The light around you becomes much larger. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
An image of two cells performing mitosis to separate
Many from one! Many from one! Chance for bullets to burst into more bullets on impact. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Mr. Moneybags
An image of a small doll with a black cap and a large moustache
Uhh... the rich get richer? I dunno... Uhh... the rich get richer? I dunno... Having over $700 grants a damage boost. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Modding Kit 1
An image of a set of wires coming from a green electronic chip
Y'know what you're doing with that thing? I have no idea what this is. Increases damage and increases fire rate for your default weapon only $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Modding Kit 2
An image of a set of wires coming from a gold electronic chip
Do you know how to use that? Looks like a bunch of scrap metal. Increases damage and increases fire rate for every weapon besides your default weapon. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Momma's Cookies
An image of a pile of chocolate chip cookies
My mom baked them fresh just for you, so you better like 'em! Baked fresh just for you! Replaces your bullets with cookies and increases their damage. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Monster Snacks
An image of a purple bag of dog food
Are you gonna eat that? Spawns a bag of monster food at the start of every room with (sic) temporarily distracts enemies. $300 1.2 - Home Theater
Item mutagen.png
I don't really want this thing near me. Your father collects the strangest things... Boosts your damage, but makes some enemies tougher. $200 1.1 - Halloween Update
Old Reel
An image of a film reel, implied to be before color film was widespread
So... is this how colorblind people see? This thing is as old as me! Makes your screen grayscale. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
Party Pinata
Item partypinata.png
Take your swing! Chance for pinatas to appear which give you special goodies. $500 1.2 - Home Theater
Item paycheck.png
Weird you have to pay for a paycheck, isn't it? I hope you're planning on getting a job this summer, dear. Obtain a bonus coin every time you break a pot or kill an enemy. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
An image of an open peapod
Stay healthy, eat your greens! Eat your greens, Corey! All guns fire rapidly, but they'll do very little damage. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Peanut Butter Bunny
Item peanutbutterbunny.png
You don't have any allergies, right? Organic! Increases your maximum health. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Penetrating Eye
An image of an eyeball connected to an optic nerve
Kinda gross. Chance for projectiles to go through enemies. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Pepper Shaker
An image of a red pepper shaker
Achoo! Achoo! Leave a trail of pepper behind you, which damages enemies. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Pocket Launcher
An image of a small firework peeking out of a pants pocket
A rocket in your pocket! As your mother, I really shouldn't let you have this... Chance to fire a burst of rockets when entering a room. $200 1.1 - Halloween Update
Point Card
Item pointcard.png
Sign up now! Buying 3 items from the Witch on the same floor gives you some money, health, and ammo back. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
An image of a white cloth stained with grease
That gun of yours looks like it could use a good cleaning. I could use that for some jewelry. Bullets travel faster. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
Porcupine Needle
Item porcupineneedle.png
Don't prick yourself. Taking damage from an enemy marks them for death so they take more damage. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Pork Ramen
An image of a small package of instant ramen, yellow with pink highlights
There's enough salt in there to give you a heart attack! You'll have a heart attack from all that salt! Move faster and and jump higher when you have less than $100. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Power Bottle
Item powerbottle.png
Bottoms up! Bottoms up! Boosts your maximum HP. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Private Eye
Item privateeye.png
It's like you don't even want to shop here anymore... That shop just seems like a bad influence on you... Reveals the contents of cultist shops. $500 1.2 - Home Theater
Purple Baby
Item purplebaby.png
Ominous. Look at this cute little guy! Shrinks some enemies and decreases their health. $200 1.4 - Heaven & Hell
Purple Umbrella
An image of an opened purple umbrella
Stay dry out there! It's always so dreary around here... Extra loot appears on the balcony floor. $300 1.2 - Home Theater
Queen's Crown
Item queenscrown.png
Too... extravagant. You'll look beautiful with this, Corey! Slightly increases damage. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Raging Fire
Item ragingfire.png
Get that adrenaline pumpin'! It really gets your adrenalin going! Gain damage and fire rate at 1 HP. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Rainbow Bunny
An image of a rabbit-shapped gummy, a common Easter candy
What an eyesore. Ooo, this one must be rare! Slightly increases all of your stats. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Rat Poison
Item ratpoison.png
This little jar isn't enough to kill him, but it should knock him down a few notches. I hope you aren't planning on hurting poor little Chunks with that! You know how much your dad loves that little mouse. Chunks spawns with lower health. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Red Candle
Item redcandle.png
You'll be hard-pressed to find something that burns much brighter than this. Oh, that's one of my favorite candles! We've had it for so long now... Brighten the entire room you're in upon entering. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
Revenge, Served Cold
An image of a cold, raw steak on a white plate
I left it in the freezer overnight. I hope it's still good... Weapons release a large explosion when they're destroyed or run out of ammo. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
An image of a blood-red sword, styled after Jetstream Sam's sword from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Let 'er rip! Release a big explosion when you hit 1 HP. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Robot Head
Item robothead.png
Zap! 1.4 - Heaven & Hell
Rocket Shells
An image of three shotgun shells
Watch 'em fly! You probably won't need these. Shotguns shells move faster and won't lose speed over time. $200 1.1 - Halloween Update
An image of a syringe filled with red liquid, implied to be a steroid
They'll shrink your nuts, too. You're not doing steroids now, are you?... Significantly boosts your damage for 3 seconds after entering a room. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Rotten Melon
Image of a rotting melon, which is losing specks of material
Oh my God, the smell... This should've gone in the trash... Chance to lob a watermelon while firing at enemies that splits into many slices on impact. $200 1.1 - Halloween Update
Rotten Nanner
Image of a browning, open banana with an unusual, golden outline
N/A N/A Doubles your maximum HP. 1 TP 1.3 - Bombs Away
Rubber Boot
Image of a cartoonish rubber boot
Grants an extra jump. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Rusty Gun
An image of a handgun covered in rust
What a find! Oh my! Enemies have a tiny chance to drop weapons. $500 1.1 - Halloween Update
Rusty Key
Item rustykey.png
You'd regret not buying this, buddy. Enemies have a tiny chance to drop items. $500 1.1 - Halloween Update
Rusty Nail
An image of a nailcovered in rust
That can do some real damage. You've got all your tetanus shots, don't you sweetie? Melee weapons do more damage and knock enemies further back. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Salt Shaker
Item saltshaker.png
I'm on a diet, so I don't need this. Enemies release salt on death, which damages other enemies on contact. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Sandals of Hermes
An image of a pair of ornate symbols with wings at the ankles
What, you thought these'd let you fly with such a low price? What a nice set of flip-flops! Move faster while jumping. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
Satellite Strike
Item satellitestrike.png
Stand back! Chance to fire a huge missiles at a randomly selected enemy upon entering a room. $300 1.1 - Halloween Update
Item scope.png
Enhance! Bullets shoot farther. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Second Chance?
Item secondchance.png
Not everyone gets a second chance, you know! That's... violent. Makes you explode upon death. If your explosion kills an enemy, you'll receive 1 HP. $500 1.1 - Halloween Update
Shiny Pocket Watch
Item shinypocketwatch.png
It doesn't seem to work... Gold pots become more common, but all pots will be erased 5 seconds after entering a room. $200 1.2 - Home Theater
Shrimp Ramen
An image of a small package of instant ramen, yellow with blue highlights
Never cared for this flavor. You hate this kind, don't you? Increases fire rate and shot speed when you have less than $100. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Signed Bat
An image of a wooden baseball bat with a wrapped handle
Signed by yours truly! Signed by yours truly! Increases knockback against enemies. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
Silver Pendant
Item silverpendant.png
That's a family heirloom -- be careful with it! Vases contain a little more money. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Silver Soul
Item silversoul.png
It's... slippery?... Beautiful! Grants an additional +1 maximum HP for every $1000 you have, up to +5. $100 1.2 - Home Theater
An image of a normal sledgehammer
Don't go swing it around too much. Don't hurt yourself! Automatically destroys all pots in a room once it's cleared. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
An image of a blob of bright green slime, implied to be jumping
Taken fresh from the shower drain! Disgusting! Increases fire rate and all your shots become bouncy. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Smashed Glass
An image of broken glass shards with an unusual, golden outline
N/A N/A Items and weapons will spawn from pots. 1 TP 1.3 - Bombs Away
Smashed Pumpkin
Item smashedpumpkin.png
That little guy will do his best to protect you. Isn’t he so cute? Summons a Jack-O-Lantern buddy that attacks enemies. 1.0 - Dead Estate
Smiley Pot
Item smileypot.png
What's he so happy about? Cute! Vases will fire a bullet at the nearest enemy on destruction. $200 1.3 - Bombs Away
An image of a snowglobe that has been stirred up
Y'wanna buy a jacket with that, too? This used to be one of your favorite things at Christmas time... Chance for a snowstorm to blow through a room upon entering it, freezing all enemies for 10 seconds. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Soap Bar
An image of a soap bar with bubbles emanating from it
Don't drop it. Hygiene is important, sweetie! Move faster, but you'll also be more slippery. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
Sorcery for Dummies
Item sorceryfordummies.png
If I learned it, you can too! Oh my, remember how much you begged me for this silly book all those years ago? Allows you to find and use magical staffs. $500 1.2 - Home Theater
Special Rounds
An image of an ammo round surrounded by a blue aura
Those will make your shots pack a bit more of a punch ...Why do we have these? Handgun and rifle bullets do more damage. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Spiked Boot
Item spikedboot.png
Great for playing baseball too! Jumping on enemies hurts them. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Spiked Bracelet
Item spikedbracelet.png
It looks just your style! I remember being your age and wanting to be a punk rocker too, you know. Enemies will take damage when they touch you. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Spirit Jar
An image of a mason jar containing a suspicious, white substance
I... um... don't know what this one is. Chance for dead enemies to briefly summon a ghost that attacks other enemies $500 1.0 - Dead Estate
Item stethoscope.png
Hear their hearts! Are you gonna play doctor dressup again? Allows you to see enemy health. $300 1.2 - Home Theater
An image of a large cache of ammunition
Don't ask where all the ammo is coming from. Oh my, what do you need all that ammo for? Receive a complete ammo refill on your current weapon at the start of every floor. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Stomping Boots
An image of a red boot with a rubber sole
Send shockwaves rippling through the floorboards with these. Oh, we better make sure those'll fit you first! Landing from a great height stuns enemies. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Strange Fruit
An image of a pink, peach-like fruit
It does a little bit of everything, I guess. Tasty, isn't it? Slightly improves maximum HP, jump height, speed and reload times. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Sudden Death
Item suddendeath.png
Don't worry, this won't hurt you. Smash ‘em with anvils! $300 1.4 - Heaven & Hell
An image of a plastic bag full of white powder
This is sugar I swear! It's... not what it looks like. Lowers your HP by half, but you move REALLY fast. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Super Finger! An image of a severed finger with a bone sticking out below the cut-off Some of these item names are a bit of a stretch. Sounds good! Fire triple the bullets, but decreases your fire rate. $300 1.1 - Halloween Update
Super Shells
Item supershells.png
These shells'll do you a lot more favors than the regular ones. ...Why do we have these? Shotgun shells travel faster over a longer distance. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Super Shroom
An image of a cartoonish mushroom, similar to mushrooms found in the Super Mario Bros franchise
Delicious and nutritious! Delicious and nutritious! Increases maximum health and jump height. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Super Glue
An image of a bottle of glue with a blue label
You're not getting that off. Don't get it on your clothes! Changes your default weapon to whatever weapon you have in your second slot. $500 1.1 - Halloween Update
Surprise Confetti
Item surpriseconfetti.png
Have fun getting it out of your hair. Grants a chance to obtain an item whenever you destroy a weapon. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
A small image of a taser generating sparks.
You'll be able to stop monsters in their tracks with this. Oh my! Why do we have this laying around? Bullets have a chance to stun enemies. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Tasty Treat
Item tastytreat.png
It's berry-flavored! Fresh from the freezer section! Allows pots and enemies to sometimes drop freezy pops which slows enemies upon being picked up. $200 1.2 - Home Theater
Tankmen Doll
An image of a small man with military gear and an opaque visor, representing characters from the TANKMEN animated series by JohnnyUtah on NewGrounds
Isn't he cute? Weapon rooms will contain two weapon chests instead of one. $500 1.0 - Dead Estate
Tax Forms
Item taxforms.png
What, you thought you could avoid these forever? Do you know how to fill this out? Lose $1 every second while in combat, but gain damage proportional to your money. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
The Diaper
Item thediaper.png
Never used, I hope! Time sure flies quick, doesn't it?... "Toilet Paper" spawns more frequently! $200 1.3 - Bombs Away
The First Dime
Item thefirstdime.png
What can I say? I've been in business a long time. I guess it HAS been a long time since I last gave you an allowance... Attracts coins towards you from further away. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
The Needle
An image of a craft needle with a bulbous head
Sharp! Interested in knitting? All enemies take a significant amount of damage when you get hurt, but take 2x the damage. $100 1.3 - Bombs Away
The Vault
An image of a bank vault handle
Come by anytime! Need a place to keep your cash, huh? Guarantees that a bank elevator will appear on every floor. $100 1.3 - Bombs Away
Tiny Wallet
An image of a small brown wallet
Well, at least you won't be compensating for anything! Limits you to $500, but grants you a speed & damage boost when you reach that limit. $200 1.2 - Home Theater
Toilet Paper
An image of a roll of toilet paper with an unusual, pink outline
Can't beat that price! Just don't go throwing it on trees, okay? Lowers your maximum HP to 2. Used as currency with...someone. 1.3 - Bombs Away
Toxic Barrel
An image of a bright green 55 gallon drum
Caught straight from the local landfill! Oh dear, this stuff might give you another limb... All explosions are now radioactive and fire off 8 radioactive bullets. $200 1.2 - Home Theater
Trade-in Receipt
Item tradeinreceipt.png
You never get as much as you think you should, do you? You never get quite as much as you want, do you? Destroying weapons gives you more money. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
An image of a purple theater mask with face and mouth carvings that resemble anguished features
'"What a shame. What a shame. Upon taking damage, you`ll release a barrage of projectiles. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Trigger Finger
Item triggerfinger.png
Rotten. Significantly boosts fire rate, but makes it so that shots are fired when you release the fire button. $200 1.4 - Heaven & Hell
An image of a flying saucer with a green-tinted cockpit
Out of this world! Another one of your father's discoveries... A UFO buddy that attacks enemies using its tractor beam. $300 1.1 - Halloween Update
Ultra Hot Pepper
An image of a long, bright red pepper
Nine-billion-trillion scoville! Allows pots and enemies to sometimes drop hot peppers which burn enemies upon being picked up. $200 1.2 - Home Theater
Unreliable Angel
Item unreliableangel.png
Don't count on her to help you. Isn't she cute!? Chance to block all incoming damage at 1 HP. $200 1.0 - Dead Estate
Vampire Charm
An image of a small, black charm with a red gem, on a chain
I'm sure that'll look great on you. Ooh, wouldn't that look so pretty on you?! Chance to regenerate health on kill. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Victory Remains
Item victoryremains.png
Free stuff! Free stuff! Bosses will now drop a free item on defeat! $200 1.3 - Bombs Away
VIP Pass
An image of a navy blue card with "VIP" in gold lettering
Oh, so I'm not good enough for you anymore?... Guarantees that a cultist shop will appear on the balcony. $500 1.2 - Home Theater
Wandering Star
Item wanderingstar.png
Make a wish! Spawns a star projectile that circles the room and damages enemies. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Item witchbgone.png
A-Aren't you gonna miss me?... Huh?... You don't wanna see your mom anymore?... Replaces the Witch with two free item chests. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Weapon Refresher
Item weaponrefresher.png
Not happy? Just press the button! A button will appear in all weapon chest rooms that allows you to reload the contents of the chest . Can only be used five times. $300 1.2 - Home Theater
Weird Magazine
Item weirdmagazine.png
Uh... so... what d'ya think?... Oh my... Chance to stun enemies and set them on fire. $300 1.0 - Dead Estate
Wet Wipes
An image of a closed container of wet wipes
Way better then plain ol' TP! Keep the lid closed so they don't dry out! Negates the bad effects of "Toilet Paper". $200 1.3 - Bombs Away
X Marks the Spot
An image of a map with a clearly marked "X"
More like '?' marks the spot actually. Those secret rooms always give me the creeps! Reveals the location of secret rooms on the map. $100 1.0 - Dead Estate
Item xray.png
You can also use it to see your bones! Allows you to find an extra secret room on each floor. $500 1.1 - Halloween Update
Yellow Fedora
Alt=An image of a bright yellow fedora with a green accent
Is that all, Stranger? This is from those cartoons you used to watch, right? Guaranties that a weapon merchant will appear on every main floor $100 1.2 - Home Theater