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Roselia is an NPC in Dead Estate. She's Cordelia's mother and takes her daughter's place as shopkeeper and in story events when playing as her.


Roselia is a lightly tanned woman with light blue hair and rosy cheeks. Her eyes are always closed, with them only being seen open in a single sketch. She wears a white apron with a heart on it over a cyan shirt. She additionally wears a necklace with a gray cross on it, which is sometimes under her apron.

On the Balcony she wears a tennis outfit with the same color scheme as her normal one alongside a sun visor.
When selling stat upgrades, she wears cyan medical scrubs alongside a surgical mask.
When selling Weapons, she wears a dark blue cloak over a blue outfit, a reference to the merchant from Resident Evil 4.


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  • It's implied that Roselia forgot to feed Chunks, leading to his hostile nature.
  • Roselia's sprites in the True Ending are drawn over Cordelia's.
  • Roselia's voice lines when visiting her weapon shop, "Got some good things on sale Cory" and "Watcha buying?" are references to dialog from the RE 4 Merchant, who she dresses as in the Weapon Shop.
  • She's the true mommy.