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Duplicator is an Item that triples the next item the player picks up, after which it is removed from the player's inventory.


Duplicator has the potential to be an extremely powerful items, but its result is variable. It's wise for a player to hold up on picking up it up immediately and checking the remainder of the floor for other items that they wouldn't prefer to duplicate. Due to the randomness of items that the player finds, they must weigh whether or not to skip potentially useful items on the bet that they will soon find an item that has higher returns when duplicated.

Unaffected Items

Many items do not stack with themselves, only have the function of unlocking a discrete effect, or are redundant when multiple are collected at the same time, meaning that duplicating them is functionally useless:

Chaos Token, though it technically doesn't stack with itself, still gives the player more total items when duplicated, which affects the inventory randomization.


  • The special items obtained from the Toilet or from Challenge Rooms are extremely powerful when combined with this item.
  • Any item that increases a player stat is powerful to duplicate.
  • Duplicating chance-based items will increase the chance of their occurrence, similar to Liquid Luck.
  • Toilet Paper - As Toilet Paper's health penalty cannot occur multiple times, duplicating it has no additional downside.