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Dead Eye is an Item that locks the player to 1 HP but doubles the fire rate and damage of all of their Weapons.


Dead Eye is an extremely powerful high-risk, high-reward item. As it essentially provides x4 DPS multiplier at the cost of all your health. Items that grant invincibility are almost necessary to ensure survival, and it's not recommended to collect this item unless the player already has an unbreakable play strategy or a loadout to support it.


  • Guardian Angel - The invulnerability at the start of rooms helps with surviving.
  • Fancy Shield - The regenerating invulnerability offsets the danger of 1 HP
  • Friends 'till the End - The speed bonus and enemy slowdown effect is always active.
  • Raging Fire - The damage and fire rate bonus is always active.
  • Rotten Nanner - Rotten Nanner is the only item in the game that counteracts Dead Eye's health penalty, doubling the player's HP to 2, then 4, then 8, etc.
  • Toilet Paper - The health penalty is essentially nullified, meaning there's no reason not to collect them.
  • Unreliable Angel - The player always has a chance to block damage.


  • Someone who is a "dead eye" is an expert marksman.