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Cordelia is a shopkeeper as well as an unlockable character in Dead Estate.


Cordelia is a pale-skinned woman with curly blue hair and obscured eyes. She normally wears arm-warmers and a tight-fitting black dress, but changes costumes depending on the shop she is in. She'll dress in a lab coat or trench coat for the Clinic and Weapon shop respectively. She also has massive breasts (IMPORTANT).

In her B Costume, Cordelia wears a graduate hat and "robes." Beating the game as Cordelia reveals she's in college so this costume seems to hint that she graduated.

In her C Costume, Cordelia wears a red dress and large red hat, resembling clothing of the Victorian era. While this is a reference to Lady Dimitrescu from the game "Resident Evil: Village", the colors are changed in order to avoid copyright.


Cordelia serves as the main shopkeeper of the game. Her main shop appears on the 4 main floors, The Balcony, and The Exit Realm. She will always sell 5 things: A $100 item, a $200 item, a $300 or $500 item, a Map for $200, and Ambrosia for $300. The prices will change with specific modifiers.

The clinic can be found on The Ground Floor, The Attic Sanctum, and The Exit Realm. She sells 3 types of stat boosts, damage boost, speed and jump height boost, and health boost. The prices change depending on how many of each upgrade were purchased. She also sells an Ambrosia for $300.

The weapon shop can be found on The Upper Story, The Laboratory, and The Exit Realm. She sells 3 random weapons at varying prices. She sells an Ammo refill for $150.

If the player is playing as Cordelia, every shop she is in is replaced by Roselia.


Cordelia grew up in the mansion with her mother Roselia and her father Albert. While her father performed experiments in his lab with the help of their pet Chunks, she learned from books how to practice magic. During her time in school, she began to fall in love with future wrestling champion Fuji. Around the time she was in her early 20s, her father disappeared into another dimension he was studying (which is where the zombies that plague the mansion originated), whilst also setting Chunks into a protective state. After Roselia failed to feed him, Chunks went angry and tried to attack the two, keeping them inside. They continue to hide from him and the zombies until the other characters start to appear in the mansion.


  • Cordelia's default weapon is the Magic Staff.
  • Cordelia can only find and use magic staffs. These are normally only accessible by her unless another characters has the Sorcery for Dummies item.
  • Cordelia has 6 max health, which is around average and tied with Luis.
  • Cordelia has 2.2 movement speed, which is considered average.
  • Cordelia can slowly float down if the jump button is held.


Cordelia is unlocked by completing the game as Jeff and Jules.

Her B Costume is unlocked by beating the True ending as all characters, marked by a golden ring around their pictures on the character select screen.

Her C Costume is unlocked by completing a run with every one of her Curses active.


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Strategy and Preferred Items

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Character Related Achievements

TheSorceress.png The Sorceress - Clear the game as both Jeff and Jules.

TheScholar.png The Scholar - Complete the True Ending as every character.

TheCountess.jpg The Countess - Finish a run with all curses enabled.

AWizard.png A Wizard - Complete the Normal Ending.

ATrueStar.png A True Star - Complete the True Ending.

HopeSheNoticesYou.png Hope She Notices You. - Purchase the entire shop's stock on the first floor.

WindowShopper.png Window Shopper - Beat the game without ever entering a shop.

RoidedOut.png Roided Out - Max out all the stats in the clinic.

Mama'sGirl.png Mama's Girl - Purchase Roselia's stock on any floor.


  • The Ancient Tome is Cordelia's sketchbook.
  • Cordelia has a PHD, but it has been confirmed by the Milkbar Lads to not be legit.
  • Text in the unlockable artwork and the official Twitter confirm that Cordelia is happily dating Fuji.
  • Cordelia does not like caramel.
  • Cordelia has unique dialogue with Boss, Axel, Mumba, Digby, and Fuji. The last 3 are from previous games made by Milkbar Lads.
  • Cordelia's pose at the end of the true ending cutscene is based off of Dio Brando. Her B Costume's pose is based off of Josuke Higashikata. Her C Costume's pose is another pose based off Dio Brando.
  • Cordelia makes several appearances in the Milkbar Lads game Shrimp OS:

    • The title screen of Ugby Mumba
    • She appears as the shopkeeper of the Dead Estate level in Ugby Mumba. She sells a Magic Staff for 40 coins, a Bazooka for 40 coins, and a Magic Hat for 40 coins.
    • A minigame in Bimsymart. In it, the player has to purchase the right item within the time limit.
    • She's referenced on an in-game webpage 4crustachan, where someone references Dead Estate asking: "Do people only play this game for the breasts or is it actually good?"[1]

  • She's MY Mommy.
    • If you read this whole page you might just be really horny.