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Dead Estate has gone through several updates since its original release. This page catalogues all the versions the game has gone through alongside any planned versions, though does not account for the jump from Dead Estate CLASSIC to Dead Estate. Note that all text has been copied from the official update posts, so all of the spelling/grammatical errors are those of the developers.

Roadmap of Upcoming Content

Roadmap 1 FINAL.jpgUpdate List 4.jpg

Currently three updates are planned for the future of Dead Estate. The majority have had very little, if any information revealed about them, but the desired outcome is for the difference between 1.1.5 and Goodnight being comparable to the difference between Dead Estate CLASSIC and Dead Estate.

Assignment Anya

Assignment Anya.jpg

Assignment Anya is the fifth update in the six part series, released on Dec. 21, 2023.



Dead Estate's penultimate content update is finally out! Feels weird saying that after working on it for about nine months. In the time it took to complete this update, we could've made a whole 'nother game -- and that's pretty much exactly what we ended up doing with this update and then some. While Assignment Anya shares a lot of DNA with the main game, I think that most players will find it to be a VERY different experience from Dead Estate. I hope everyone enjoys Assignment Anya and all of the new challenge modes!


  • Assignment Anya

A whole new campaign accessible from the get-go, inspired by classic survival horror games and set prior to the events of the main game. Play as Anya, a fledgling actress who finds herself helplessly lost in the mansion after her film crew is attacked by the undead. Abandoned by her leading man and left alone with nothing but a mask to disguise herself with, Anya must escape the increasingly warped and deadly estate all on her own.

(Takes roughly 2-4 hours on first attempts)

  • Challenges

In addition to the update's main attraction, we also added eleven (twelve, counting Assignment Anya) brand new challenge modes to the game! Each challenge requires you to use a different character and work around a unique gimmick, usually including a set of items given to you at the start of the run. I won't go into detail about each individual challenge here, but they're accessible once you've cleared the game as both Jules and Jeff, so get that done if you haven't!

  • 12 new curses

This update also includes twelve new curses that are applicable to EVERY character in the game! Each new curse is unlocked by completing a corresponding challenge. Again, not gonna list each individual one, but have fun unlocking them and potentially breaking the game by using all twelve at once!

  • Small additions, balance changes, and adjustments

- Killed the weapon swap/no reload exploit. Sorry, speedrunners. If you wanna continue using this exploit for speedruns or anything, a separate Steam branch has been made which will permanently be on version 1.5. You can access this branch under the beta section of the game’s Steam properties.

- Level generation

- Made some internal changes that should significantly speed up level generation.
- Certain rooms can now spawn adjacent to each other: treasure rooms, weapon rooms, secret rooms, key rooms, and teleport crystal rooms.

- Golden Mask

- Added a short period of time to the Golden Mask’s grounded state where it’s guaranteed to stay down.
- Golden Mask now attacks faster, with its attack speed increasing as the fight progresses.

- Completely overhauled the game’s text rendering system. This might’ve introduced a fair number of potential visual bugs, so if you spot anything strange about the text in-game lemme know!!

- Updated the text in Cordelia’s normal ending.

- Updated some art in Cordelia’s intro cutscene.

- Updated the third title screen artwork.

- Added some missing tracks to the music player.

- Added Axel’s unique bedroom on floor 2.

- Increased poison effect tick rate from once every 30 frames to once every 25 frames

- Increased poison effect damage by ~15%

- Buffed the following weapons:

- Paddleball: increased damage by ~50%.
- Tennis Ball: increased damage by ~50%.
- Basketball: increased damage by ~20%.
- Pogo Stick: increased damage by ~50% + increased range + now destroys projectiles when jumped on.
- Billiard Ball: increased damage by ~20%.
- Poison Apple: increased damage by ~15%.
- Bowling Ball: increased shot speed by ~20% + increased damage by ~6%.
- Pepper Spray: increased fire rate by ~20%.
- Poison Potions: increased damage by ~15%.
- Thumbtacks: increased damage by ~20% + increased lifespan by a second.
- Green Candle: increased damage by ~20%.
- Blue Candle: increased damage by ~20%.
- Magnet Staff: increased damage by ~15% + increased shot speed by ~10% + increased pulling power.
- Rotten Tomato: increased damage by ~10% + now poisons enemies.
- Chest Scaffolding: increased damage by ~20%
- Rhetoric Staff: increased damage by ~10% + increased shot speed by ~10% + increased fire rate by ~15%.
- Bone: increased fire rate by ~15% + increased ammo count by 50 + increased damage by ~10%.
- Marching Drum: increased beat bonus + increased damage by ~15%.
- Blood Staff: increased damage by ~25%.
- Wind Staff: increased push force by ~25% + increased damage by ~20%
- Quacks: increased shot speed by ~20% + increased damage by ~20%
- Trumpet: increased fire rate by ~25%
- Bomb: increased damage by ~25%
- Broom: increased shot speed by ~25% + increased damage by ~15%


I originally planned to have the final update out by now and I wanted Assignment Anya out back in July. Five months later, you can see how that went. Work on the final update has been underway for about a month now (on my part, at least), and while I can't say with any amount of certainty when that update is gonna be out (beyond sometime in 2024), I can say that it's without a doubt the update I've been most excited to work on, and that it'll definitely require the most work out of any of these updates.

That doesn't necessarily mean that it will take as long to make update #6 as it did to make this update, as I think I'll have more free time than before in the coming months (although I am gonna be going into my final semester of college), but we'll see. Regardless, it's gonna be out next year and I'm really giddy to finally be making all these ideas we've had into a reality. I'm even more excited for what we're gonna do after that, but I'll save talking about that for later. Probably a lot later. Thanks for reading all this stuff, enjoy the update!

- Jack

Axe to Grind

Axe to Grind.jpg

Axe to Grind is the fourth update in the six part series, released on Apr. 28, 2023.



Lemme preface by saying that Axel is gonna be the final main playable character in Dead Estate. Ten's a nice, round, even number to end on. You'll notice that Axel is the only bit of new content added in this update, also. That's because the main purpose of this update besides adding the game's last playable character is to improve the game's stability and address common complaints. I tried to resolve as many of the game's most frequently reported and severe issues as possible, and I also tried to pepper in as many new little quality-of-life features as possible. Stuff like a dedicated button for Fuji and BOSS's special abilities, a better control rebinding menu, etc.. Hopefully, the game will feel a lot more polished and better to play with this update.

Chunks also received a bit of an overhaul. I noticed that many players would quickly figure out that the best way to deal with Chunks is to either circle around him forever (and he would never be able to catch up to you or attack you) and spam attacks at him or just pop off some cheap shots on him and then quickly dive out of the room and repeat. Neither of these tactics involve any challenge at all, really, and they also weren't particularly hard to figure out or to pull off.

Chunks is supposed to be intimidating, not a punching bag. To help with this, Chunks now has two new abilities: 1. He'll heal a little whenever you leave a room while he's chasing you in order to discourage kiting him around rooms before he can attack you, and 2. He can jump up and create shockwaves on impact now, so that way you're not just circling around him while attacking. He actually has attacks now that you've gotta dodge, making running away a much more preferable option for players who don't have the skill or firepower to knock him out -- cheap shots with low damage and running in and out of rooms is less of a viable strategy now. In the spirit of fairness, I also made Chunks move slower. It's not much of a secret that Chunks's speed scales with your own, but he shouldn't be able to fly around rooms at Mach 3 and land unfair, unavoidable hits on you anymore. Basically, Chunks is more challenging now, but it should also be more obvious now that running away is the right choice if you're not at the right skill or power level to fight him. This'll probably require a lot of slight tweaks and adjustments to get it feeling just right, but bear with me.

I've got a final tomorrow morning and I'm writing this at 3:00 AM, so I should probably wrap it up here. Thanks for your continued support, here's the change log!


  • Axel!

A hatchet-wielding hunk with some cool shades and a god complex. Axel's hatchets have a unique ability to get charged up before throwing them for extra damage and distance, plus he has special access to a secret hidey-hole on every floor stockpiled with health and ammo. He'll also quip after killing enemies. Get used to it.

  • Small additions, balance changes, and adjustments

- Cordelia now sells ammunition refills in weapon shops

- Added a dedicated special action key used for Fuji's air dash and detonating BOSS's sticky bombs

- Overhauled the control rebinding section

- Added an option to toggle the low HP heartbeat sound effects on and off

- The game now locks your mouse inside the window during gameplay

- Completing runs now gives you an additional Chunks medallion (you'll now receive 3 for completing a normal ending run on standard difficulty as opposed to 2)

- Nerfed Funky Syringe, it provides a slightly smaller damage+reload speed boost now

- Picking up Toilet Paper no longer counts against the "Without a Hitch" medal (hitless run)

- Blue Mutants (floor 4 hanging monsters) will not apply stun effects unless they're close to the ground

- Infesters can now only be stunned while on the ground

- Decreased the speed boost Chunks receives on harder difficulties

- Chunks' speed now scales slightly less with the player's own speed

- Lowered Chunks's maximum movement speed

- Chunks now heals 200 HP upon leaving a room while being chased by him (he starts with 3,000 HP on normal mode, for comparison's sake)

- Chunks has a little sleeping animation now when you knock him out :) awww little guy ZZZ aww :]

- Reworked Chunks's punch attack to have a smaller trigger range, greater area of effect, and more visual feedback

- Added a new jump/shockwave attack for Chunks which becomes active when few enemies are left in the room

- Shortened the amount of time that Block of Ice freezes enemies

- Adjusted the description of Jules's Curse of the Bloodhungry

- Player characters now deal contact damage to enemies while firing weapons (to compensate for bullet spawn offsets and some characters moving slower than some enemies)

- Added new decorations to Hellmart

- ...Also added some new decorations to Heavenmart

- Added a prompt to the Curse select menu to warn players that they cannot change curses mid-run

- Put in some new sound effects for the Curse select menu :}

  • Fixes

- Fixed a bug where Fuji's B costume medal could not be unlocked

- Fixed a bug where spamming the restart button on the game over screen would screw up level generation and spawn multiple player instances

- Meltface (the floor 1 flame monsters), and Pot Ghosts now react to being stunned properly

- Unlocking the different title screens out of order no longer results in the wrong art being displayed

- Chunks should no longer appear immediately after leaving Hellmart and Heavenmart

- Fixed a bug on floor 2 where, if the floor is burning, spike balls would sometimes be swapped with ropes

- Diavola's second form should no longer display multiple health bars if you have the Stethoscope item

- Fixed an itty bitty little bug where some passageways would display the wrong doorframes

- Fixed a bug where the heal sound effect would play continuously during level transitions if the player is holding the Medkit item

- Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur at the beginning of boss fights

- Fixed a crash caused by killing stunned enemies with explosions

- Maybe(???) fixed a crash related to explosions. This one has been a pain in the ass to figure out, I dunno honestly

- Fixed a bug in the Curses menu that prevented some curses from being selected

- Fixed a bug that would allow Chunks to sometimes spawn even while carrying the Dead Rat item

- Fixed a bug allowing players to clip out of bounds using multiple Magic Carpets

- Boxing gloves/gauntlet/hatchet type weapons should now appear invisible when the player disappears into a portal

- Heavenmart no longer rerolls its items when you leave and re-enter

- Fixed a bug where Chunks's front-facing punch sprites wouldn't display

- Adjusted some bullshit with Chunks's sprites so he won't flip around rapidly while chasing you. This isn't even really a bug fix. Why is this here?

- Fixed a bug where you would not start with the right weapon if you exited and continued a run while using Super Glue

- Removed a graphical error with the ending polaroid for Jules's C costume

- Fixed an error where the Huge Hammer had the same description as the Rad Shotgun in Cordelia's weapon shop

- Fixed an oversight that would allow players to enable/disable Curses mid-run

- Fixed a crash which would sometimes occur while playing as Lydia


Next up on the big list is update no. 5: Challenger. We're getting near the end here, but looking at the list of assets needed for update #5 and especially #6 makes it feel like we're just getting started. You can probably figure out what the big new feature of update #5 will be just based on the name, but let me assure you that it's gonna be a lot more than what you think it is.

We're getting really close to revealing some major content and plans that I've been holding back for a while, and I want these last two updates to blow away everyone's expectations. I can't put a solid release date on either of these updates yet, but I want update #5 to be out sometime in July. I know that Axe to Grind is a bit of a smaller update, so for those of you looking for something meatier, I think update #5 will satisfy.

Anyways, thanks again for all of your continued support on this project. It means a ton that so many of you are willing to see this thing through to the end with us -- although in this case I feel like the end is really just the beginning ;;;;;) - Jack

Heaven & Hell


Heaven & Hell is the third update in the six part series, released on Feb. 14 2023.



Fun fact: this was actually the very first update I had planned. Chunks Medallions were something I programmed way back in December 2021, but life ended up getting ahead of my plans and I only now ended up being able to implement them fully and everything surrounding them.

That being said, if it weren't for the giant gap between the game's initial release in October 2021 and the release of the first major update in October 2022, I wouldn't have had the time to actually think of all these updates and our plans beyond these updates. In a way, everything worked out better than I had hoped.

I have some huge ideas that'll come after these updates and I really can't wait to start working on them and eventually share them with everyone. Being halfway through this batch of six updates is getting me really excited for what's to come -- but enough about that. I don't wanna accidentally spoil anything.


  • Chunks Medallions!
    • A new cross-run currency obtained by completing runs! Completing runs on harder difficulties will net you more medallions per run. Use them to purchase the main new features of this update: Curses and Blessings.
  • Curses!
    • Curses offer a brand new way to shake up your runs. They function as items that you can equip from the character select screen and can be enabled or disabled at any point once unlocked. Every character can unlock 3 Curses that are completely unique to them, meaning that there's 27 curses total! Be warned, though. As their name would imply, Curses are not strictly upgrades. While there's a benefit to every Curse, there's also a downside. Think of Curses less as permanent progression-based upgrades and more as ways of remixing characters to offer new playstyles.
  • Blessings!
    • Blessings are the sole method of removing the negative effects of a Curse. However, Blessings come at a fairly steep price -- and even then, they are only temporary, lasting 15 minutes at most. You can't rely on them forever, but they sure are useful.
  • 2 new shops!
    • Hellmart: operated by the demonness Filia, Hellmart sells Curses in exchange for Chunks Medallions. You'll need quite a few Medallions to purchase every Curse. This shop can only be found on loops after obtaining the true ending.
    • Heavenmart: a store owned by the angel Faith which sells Blessings for Chunks Medallions. It also sells some high-quality items as well! This shop can only be found after purchasing at least one Curse.
  • C-costumes!
    • Self-explanatory! A brand new batch of costumes is available for every single character in the game! Have fun obtaining them all!
  • 2 new enemies!
    • Cherub
    • Imp


We've been keeping track of a lot of frequent bug reports, requests, criticisms, etc,. Starting with this update, I've begun trying to tackle all of them. We've got a pretty thorough and lengthy catalog of all of these and, needless to say, some of these fixes will take priority over others.

This update includes one pretty significant and often-requested fix in particular: the inability for many items to stack properly. With this update, nearly all items in the game will now work how you expect them to when stacked. If you've got two of the same damage-boosting items, you'll receive two damage boosts. If you've got five of the same health-boosting items, you'll receive five health boosts. With a few exceptions, almost every single item in the game should behave this way now.


Our next update is number four on the docket: the Axe to Grind Update. Expect this upcoming update to be a little smaller than the last three. We're now halfway through this series of updates and need a bit of a breather, but don't be worried -- we're not losing traction. We've got some truly exciting stuff planned for these final three updates (and beyond) and we fully intend on going out with the biggest bang possible and then some.

I wrote on the roadmap that Axe to Grind will likely be out in winter 2023 (referring to January-March 2023, not December 2023! Sorry for any confusion about that). As of right now I haven't decided on an exact release date for Axe to Grind, but I think it may end up being in April. I know that's not winter, but the dates on that roadmap were pretty much always tentative.

Thank you for all of your support with these updates and Dead Estate's future! It's been well over a year since release and the fact that people have stuck around to play all these updates makes me smile real big. milkbarlads4ever :]

Bombs Away

Bombs Away.jpeg

Bombs Away is the second update in the six part series, released on Dec 29, 2022.



I'm pretty exhausted so I'll keep this one short. Thank you all for your patience with this update, hope you have a lot of fun with the game's first new character since launch, have a great day, amen. This update actually turned out waaaay bigger than what was originally planned, so there's a LOT of new content to find!


  • New character: BOSS!
    • A highly-combustible criminal who uses sticky bombs as her main method of attack! Starts the “Second Chance” item, another random bomb-related item, and explodes upon taking a hit. Also comes with her own B-costume!
  • 5 new bonus “subfloors”!
    • The Kitchen: a shop where you can acquire heavily discounted food-related items plus a few items for free!
    • The Bathroom: a shop that uses toilet paper as a special kind of currency in exchange for extremely rare and immensely powerful items.
    • The Bank: allows you to deposit money that you can withdraw on a later run.
    • The Basement: shortcut floor that allows you to immediately travel to any of the eight main or alternate floors.
    • The Arena: a boss rush that gives you a bunch of items if you complete it in time!
  • 3 new level variants!
    • Flooded floors: water appears all over the floor. It makes enemies move slower, but your own movement becomes more slippery. Fish will also spawn around the floor.
    • Burning floors: sets the floor ablaze, making some enemies spawn on fire. Pots become combustible and burning enemies will periodically fall from the ceiling.
    • Dark floors: makes the floor pitch black. Some enemies will spawn translucent. Glowing particles flutter down from the ceiling to light your way.
  • 4 new enemies!
    • Icky Sticky
    • Infester Dog
    • Cult Bishop
    • Cult Necromancer


Next up is the Heaven & Hell Update! On the roadmap for these updates, I originally wrote that I'd like for this update to release in January 2023. Unfortunately, it might end up being a little later -- but not much. At the very latest, update 3 will be out by mid-February, so only a couple weeks later than originally planned. It won't include any new characters like Bombs Away did, but it will include some interesting new expansions to the characters that are already in the game (and maybe a new wardrobe). Look forward to it!

Home Theater


Home Theater is the first update in the six part series, released on Oct. 25, 2022, which is on Dead Estate's 1 year anniversary.

Single frames from all of the intro cutscenes were teased on the Milkbar Lads Twitter, which are shown below in release order. Unlike the in-game versions, these are not pixelated.



This is just a little personal preamble, if you wanna see what this update actually added scroll down :)

The Home Theater Update is out and playable now with new cutscenes, bosses, items, and more! A while back I made a promise that this game would receive a few significant content updates. At first, I hoped that we'd be able to get one out at the start of this year. Between classes, bug fixes, other projects, etc., that didn't happen. Around May or June, we decided that we would put our foot down and get these updates out. We made an internal roadmap (which we shared publicly back in August) and got to work.

After a few months of hard work, the first of these updates is here! We have some big plans for the rest of these updates (and other stuff we're working on) that heavily involve the game's characters. For a long time, we've had all these ideas for the game's playable characters in terms of lore and personality that we never really got to express in-game. We had stories for all of these characters and we discussed how they arrived in the mansion, what their lives were like before the start of the game, and what we believe would happen to them after the game's events -- but most of this never made it into the game... until now.

The goal of this update is to heavily expand on the backstories of the game's playable characters before we dive into some more character-based content in some of the later updates and out-of-game stuff. Enjoy watching the new cutscenes and learn some more about the game's characters!


  • Cybil, a brand new shopkeeper who can be found on alternate floors 1, 2, and 4!
  • A new post-credits scene for the normal ending!
  • Brand new character-dependent art for the game-over screen!

1.1.5. - February Update -- Changes, fixes, and new stuff(?)


  • Added some stuff to the true ending credits
  • (Steam only) You can now "rebuild" a save file based on your Steam achievements from Settings > Game settings
    • With this oppption, you should be able to get all of your unlocks back if your ever lose your save data
  • Added a new aiming mode named "Z-Aiming" accessible from Settings > Control settings
    • When enabled, your character will ALWAYS aim your gun towards your crosshair even when jumping or falling as opposed to always aiming relative to where you would be on the ground
    • If that explanation doesn't make any sense, just give it a try
    • Z-Aiming can also be instantly toggled on and off by pressing the F12 key
  • Added an option to enable a CRT filter in the Settings > Video settings > Effects settings
  • Something completely different! Search for it! Have fun!


  • Changed the true ending credits
  • Changed the gallery
  • Made improoovements to gamepad controls
  • The "Chrysus Medallion" item no longer takes your money away if you're in a pause state (level transitions, endings, etc.)
  • Decreased the amount of health for Golden Leeches
  • Moth enemies no longer attack immediately after entering a room
  • Teleporter Crystals will now automatically teleport you back to the start room after 5 seconds if you're stuck behind furniture
  • Updated some item descriptions to better explain their usage
  • Updated several achievement names and descriptions to explain them better
  • Reorganized the video settings menu, there is now a submenu named "Effects settings" which includes the new CRT filter
  • Improved elevator hitboxes
  • Elevators now pull you closer to them if you're nearby, making it easier to board them


  • Fixed a crash sometimes triggered when continuing a run as Fuji
  • The above fix also should resolve many of the save data wipe issues that some users have experienced
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when picking up ammo boxes
  • Resolved an errrrror that would allow players to die during level transitions or endings with the "Chrysus Medallion" item
  • Fixed a common soft-lock where you could become permanently stuck behind objects while being pulled into Teleporter Crystals
  • Fixed a bug causing button prompts to display off-center
  • Fixed an error that caused some gamepads to barely detect diagonal inputs
  • Fixed an error that made characters move diagonally at half-speed on some gamepads
  • Fixed a bug where signs on the balcony would appear behind pillars
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Coffin Key to stay with the player if you start a new run after dying
  • Fixed an error where Golden Leeches wouldn't spawn from pots
  • Fixed an error where the wrong image would be displayed during the regular ending as Gnome Jeff
  • Cordelia's Dad no longer has ttthree hands in the credits!

This took me way too long to put out! I took a short break for a few weeks towards the end of December to work on some Newgrounds projects (Peter the Ant: Reloaded and Gravity Shift, check them out!) Once I was done with that, I finally got a chance to resume work on this. Unfortunately, I'm a lot busier with classes this semester than I was last semester so that's been sapping a lot of my time to continue updating Dead Estate.

A major content update is still underway. We originally wanted to have it out last month but, like I said, a lot of my time has been taken up by other things. The update is likely going to be larger than originally planned as well. I'll end this before it turns into a rant -- thank you all for your patience and your support of Dead Estate! Sorry again that this update took a while to come out, it should quell a lot of common errors that people have frequently reported. Also apologies if there are any typos in the patch notes!

One more thing: trading cards should be out soon! We're working with a ton of different artists to make this happen, I think that everyone will be really happy with how these come out :)

1.1.4 - Even tinier update & C-Skin teaser(s)!



  • Bosses are no longer affected by stun
  • Substantially boosted the health of the Kraken boss
  • The Exit Realm floor now has its own unique teleporter rooms
  • Added a slight cooldown on swapping weapons using the mouse wheel
  • Bullets created using the Bullet Staff weapon now have a downward trajectory


  • The true ending credits now properly display Kat as the voice of Diavola -- sorry!
  • Fixed an issue where the game would become softlocked upon dying with the "Chrysus Medallion" item
  • Fixed a bug where Leeches would have a chance to spawn as Golden Leeches upon re-entering a room
  • Roselia's shops on the Balcony and Exit Realm floors now display the correct backgrounds

I've seen a couple reports of a crash that has resulted in people's save files getting wiped. If you've experienced this, please let me know the circumstances that it happened under! If you've seen an error message along with this, posting that would especially help. In the meantime, I'm gonna keep trying to figure out a fix. If your save file has been affected by this, let me know and I can try to rebuild your save file based on your Steam achievements.

I know I mentioned in previous patch notes that I would like to have a major content update out in January. Unfortunately, between fixes, finals, Christmas, and the upcoming Pixel Day event on Newgrounds, I haven't been left with a lot of time to actually work on the update. It's very likely that this update will end up coming out in March or April instead (which sucks because I wanted it to be a cool New Years update). I probably won't officially announce a release window until I'm certain. On the bright side, now I'll have more time to make sure that the update is as good as possible. I know I say this every post but thank you all for your patience with these updates!

On a more positive note, here's a teaser for some of the new C-costumes that will be included in the content update. See if you can figure out who/what they are!


1.1.3 - Little baby-sized patch

The college semester has taken an unexpected turn for cramming a ton of work into a very small amount of time. Makes sense given we're getting close to the end and Thanksgiving break is next week, but regardless I didn't anticipate how much time it would take away from working on updates for Dead Estate.

This patch is pretty overdue given that in the last couple posts I mentioned wanting to get one or two of these out every week, so sorry about that! School ended up pulling me away from this for longer than I expected:



  • You can now switch between weapons using the mouse scroll wheel
  • Very slightly increased the chance to obtain ammo from killing enemies
  • Buffed the ammo drop % chance increase from "Aura of Ammunition"
  • Reduced the amount of money obtained from destroying weapons
  • Lowered the price of "Old Reel"
  • Lowered the price of "Breezepods"
  • "Resume" is now selected by default when pausing while on a gamepad
  • Made the teleporting animation faster


  • Changed the description of the "Midas" medal to be more accurate (it used to displayed 5+ golden pots as the requirement when it should've said 10)
  • Changed the description of the "Speedrunner" medal on Steam to be more accurate (used to display 15 minutes when the requirement was 20)
  • Your current amount of money is now saved when your runs are auto-saved
  • Maximum weapon count is also saved now (affected by items like "Holster")
  • ...And your maximum jump count is also saved (affected by items like the "Magic Carpet")
  • The Chainsaw is now properly classified as a melee weapon and is affected by melee upgrades
  • Fixed a bug where the "Sugar" item would not properly halve your HP

There's not much in this patch, but rest assured that we're still working on the big January Q1 2022 content update that I've mentioned before. It's gonna be awesome. In the meantime, I'm still gonna try to put out these small patches semi-regularly.

Again, thank you all for your patience!

1.1.2 - Mid-run saving/continuing, and a whole bunch of fixes!

I know that I begin most patch notes like this, but thank you for your patience again! I know the game is still rough around the edges, so making fixes is still my top priority. Here's what's changed in version 1.1.2!:



  • Runs now save during floor transitions. You can now quit the game and resume from the start of whatever floor you're on later!


  • Digby's default Baseball Bat projectiles now move faster and can destroy enemy projectiles
  • Amplified the movement and reload speed bonuses from Digby's combo
  • Digby's combo timer now lasts a second longer
  • Digby's combo timer now gets extended somewhat more when going between rooms if it's below a certain threshold
  • Digby now heals at the end of a combo with a minimum of 10 kills (15 kill-minimum before)
  • Made it more apparent when Digby heals at the end of a combo
  • Digby's character description now mentions his ability to double-jump
  • Bullets now do less damage after bouncing
  • Adjusted the collision detection area for elevators
  • "Error" now shuffles your weapon every 3 seconds
  • The "Chrysus Medallion" item no longer takes money away from you during scenes where you cannot move
  • Reworked "Coupon" so that it now applies to all types of shops, but it only takes effect after entering a shop for the first time
  • "Satellite Strike" now has a higher chance to activate upon entering a room
  • "Caramel Bunny" and "Rainbow Bunny" items now stack
  • Changed the descriptions of the "Satellite Strike" and "Pocket Launcher" to be more accurate


  • Made several fixes to the level generation system that should fix most freezes during level transitions
  • Fixed a softlock caused by the player somehow leaving the teleporter crystal room as the teleporting animation is in progress
  • Fixed a bug where the "Superglue" item would allow Fuji and Digby to carry weapons they normally wouldn't be able to
  • Fixed a bug where "Coupon" wouldn't apply to Doctor shops correctly
  • Fixed an error with the "Error" item (heh) where it would swap your weapon every half-second rather than the intended amount of time
  • Fixed a bug where "Liquid Luck" would allow some item effects to activate despite not having them
  • Fixed a bug where holding "Lighter" as Lydia would cause her Pepper Spray projectiles to not burn all the time
  • Fixed an issue with characters moving slower when using a gamepad
  • Fixed a bug with Lydia's reward items spawning inside walls when the player stands too close to the edges of the room
  • Fixed an issue where Mumba wouldn't receive a maximum health boost when purchasing health upgrades from the Doctor shop
  • Cordelia is now guaranteed not to appear to pick you up during the Chunks fight if you have the Antidote
  • The outline that appears over your crosshair when holding [the "Cube" weapon no longer appears during level transitions
  • Made some optimizations to the way the game handles items and their effects
  • Several optimizations for how the game handles audio and textures
  • Chunks can no longer superjump

Finally, one last note is that the beta branch for the game is now available to everyone. The beta branch contains the latest builds of the game before they're out officially, so you'll be able to play with the latest fixes, features, etc. as they're put up on Steam for testing. The beta builds will NOT, however, include new content updates. To access the Dead Estate beta, all you need to do is:

  1. Find Dead Estate in your Steam library
  2. Right click it and hit 'Properties'
  3. Go to 'Betas', select "public_beta - Public beta", and you should be good to go!

The public beta is currently on version 1.1.2 as well, so there aren't any differences between it and the current release build right now, but this is just for future reference.

On top of these fixes, we're also about to start work on the game's first MAJOR content update, as described in the last few posts. This should hopefully be out in January! The Halloween update was essentially just a sampler of what's to come. Again, I'm still gonna continue to work on fixes and I'll keep trying to put a patch out once or twice a week.

Things might slow down towards the start of December due to the college semester ending, but that shouldn't last long at all. Thank you all for your continued support and patience with this project, it really means a lot!

1.11 - A small patch for Steam Achievements

I'm not gonna write a changelog or full list of patch notes for this one since it's not super necessary. This update should re-enable achievements on Steam for all users!

After downloading this update, you should receive all achievements on Steam that you previously unlocked in-game but not on Steam (poorly worded, I know). Basically, if you unlocked a medal in-game in the last couple of days but didn't receive the achievement for it on Steam, you should receive it upon reaching the game's main menu.

There's another issue that popped up recently that I tried to address in this update as well. Previously, there were reports of the game freezing up on the fourth alternate floor -- particularly after killing the fish enemies. I've taken a few steps to patch this and I can't seem to recreate the freeze anymore. I've also received no reports of this freeze occurring from anybody else who tested version 1.1.1 early, so I believe it's been fixed. I'm using vague language here because even though I haven't received any reports of this freeze occurring since giving this build to testers, it's possible that it could still be in the game and we've just been lucky (or unlucky) enough not to encounter it.

Finally, I've also received a couple reports that the game still occasionally freezes for some people during level transitions. This is an issue with level generation that I thought I had fixed previously, but apparently not. I'm still working on this problem, but it's difficult to recreate and no testers have run into it either. Regardless, I want to put in the ability to save your runs in a future update at some point soon. I think pretty much everyone would appreciate that regardless of whether or not you've encountered this bug.

Again, thank you all for your patience with all of these bugs. I want to keep these patches semi-regular, maybe once or twice a week. For anyone that didn't see it in the previous update post, we have plans for a major content update to arrive early next year, hopefully shortly after New Year's, so please look forward to that! Thanks again!

1.1.0 - Halloween Update! New items and new weapons!

Thank you all for your patience with this!

I haven't had time to respond to bug reports, but rest assured that I've been paying attention to them, reading them, and trying to tackle them one at a time.

This update is mainly a small content update, but I tried to get in as many fixes and balance changes as possible too. Please enjoy!



  • Fuji's air dash now works by holding the weapon recycle/swap button while punching in the air
  • Fuji now briefly recieves invincibility frames while air dashing
  • Lydia does not lose money during boss intros, cutscenes, etc. anymore
  • Lydia's Pepper Spray does slightly more damage
  • The cash requirement for receiving free items as Lydia now increases as you loop
  • Fire in general now does slightly more damage
  • Fire projectiles also no longer bounce off surfaces by default
  • Adjusted many [[floor 1 and 2 room layouts that made unlocking Lydia's alternate costume achievement nearly impossible
  • Updated Lydia's alternate costume to have a ponytail
  • Tentacle enemies now stop travelling after a few seconds and move back underwater if they don't hit a wall
  • Chunks's ground slam attack now only does 1 HP of damage
  • Made the area of effect for Chunks's ground slam smaller
  • Increased the damage of the Sword
  • Bomb projectiles now have a larger explosion
  • Lowered volume for the Chainsaw
  • The Resident teleports further away from the player
  • Various music tracks have had slight adjustments made to them
  • Dust particles now have a slight fade-out effect on them
  • Made the money counter tick upwards and downwards faster
  • Fire particle effects are now semi-transparent and fewer are spawned when using flame weapons
  • Made the fire damage buff from "Demon Lung" more substantial
  • Increased the damage buff from "Mr. Moneybags"
  • The "Surprise Confetti" item is now chance-based
  • "Blood Bullets" is also now chance-based
  • "Gunpowder" now only stacks up to two times so your explosions can't cover the entire screen


  • Fixed an exploit where you could generate infinite money using the "Double Slurp Cup" and "Bloodthirst" items
  • Fixed an exploit involving an interaction between "Blood Bullets" and "Lead Gut" making the player immortal
  • Fixed an exploit where items such as "Bandolier" and "Roids" would grant buffs upon switching weapons
  • Fixed a bug where the "Coupon" item would still result in items in the shop costing the same amount as before
  • Coins do not disappear from challenge rooms anymore
  • Fixed a bug where Chunks would appear immediately after using a teleporter crystal
  • Chunks cannot be knocked out on alternate floor 3 anymore
  • Resolved several texture-related memory leaks
  • Fixed a crash sometimes caused while leaving a room as Chunks is chasing you
  • Set a limit for how many bullet casings can appear on the floor
  • Fixed a bug with the boss victory theme volume not being tied to music volume
  • Fixed an error where Jeff would appear as Jules during an ending sequence
  • Medal popups now display line breaks properly
  • Fixed an issue where you could not bind controls to the B button on a gamepad because it would take you out of the rebinding menu
  • The start button now takes you out of the control rebinding menu

There have been reports that people's games are still sometimes freezing during level transitions. This is an issue that I thought I had fixed in the previous update, but apparently not. I'm still working out a fix for that one since it's especially egregious. I can't say for certain when a fix for that will be available, but I'll update the game as soon as I figure it out!

Again, thank you all for your support. This is a smaller content update, I know. I'm gonna keep putting out fixes and balance changes, but please look forward to the next content update as well! The tentative plan for the next content update is to release it in January 2022, hopefully around New Years. It'll be much more substantial than this update and I can't wait to share it with all of you! Again, I'll try to regularly put out fixes and balance patches until then.

Thank you all!

1.0.2 - Lots of crash, softlock, and freeze fixes!

Thank you all for putting up with how long this patch took to come out! This'll probably be the last patch until Halloween, which is gonna be a small content update. It's less than a week away, so look forward to that!


  • Fuji is no longer the most broken character in existence
  • Weapons created using the blacksmith anvil do not have weapon destruction effects granted by other items
  • Fuji (or any other character with "prohibited" weapon types like Digby) cannot infinitely create weapons using the blacksmith anvil anymore
  • Hearts and ammo boxes now stick around if you exit a room and come back, BUT they're also on a 30 second timer now
  • Coins also work the same way now, but their timer is still the same as usual
  • All on-screen projectiles are now destroyed upon defeating Chunks during the last fight
  • Lowered the volume of Cordelia's magic projectiles
  • Increased Diavola's HP (both phases)
  • Added a teleporter room to alt. floor 4
  • Made heart drops more noticeable


  • Fixed a crash that would occur when you would quit the game while being chased by Chunks
  • Fixed a crash where the game would occasionally permanently freeze while generating levels
  • Fixed a softlock caused by killing bosses before they appear on-screen
  • Fixed a softlock that would cause a cutscene to indefinitely loop after defeating Diavola
  • Fixed a bug which would result in an error screen upon opening the game if your settings file is blank
  • Resolved a softlock in floor 4 that would occur when you leave a room with enemies created from pods in it and then re-enter
  • Damage numbers dealt to the player no longer appear to be "inflated" (i.e. "-1" as intended instead of "-10")
  • Fixed a bug where alt. floor elevators would sometimes not spawn
  • Fixed some typos

1.0.1b - Additional fixes and adjustments

Calling this update 1.0.1b since I already put out another patch a bit earlier today!




  • Fixed an error where the game wouldn't start because the settings file couldn't be found
  • Resolved an issue where Lydia's B costume sprites wouldn't display correctly
  • Fixed a bug where Luis would start runs already on his second loop
  • ^ This also resolved shop prices being abnormally high for Luis
  • Fixed a bug where Cordelia wouldn't get any coins upon destroying certain weapons
  • Title music #4 and #5 now play when switching between title screens

1.0.1 - New features, changes, and fixes



  • You can take screenshots of the game on Steam now!


  • When using a gamepad, releasing the right thumbstick will make the crosshair spring slightly back towards the player
  • Gamepads now use dedicated confirm/deny buttons for menus (A and B respectively on Xbox controllers)
  • Selecting a character on a gamepad will now move you straight to the play button
  • Damage text popups now display damage values multiplied by ten for clarity on how much damage you're actually doing
  • Adjusted sound effects so damage sounds are quieter and gunshots are slightly louder
  • Increased the amount of health enemies gain on loops (+80% HP per loop)
  • Shop prices now double every loop
  • Standing area hitbox for elevators is now slightly larger
  • Shadows are now slightly darker and more noticable for aerial projectiles
  • Collecting hearts while at full HP gives you $20
  • Item boxes now give you less resistance when walking into them
  • The "Old Reel" item's description now makes the item's effect more clear
  • Changed the way the "Bloodthirst" item works: it now absorbs flying blood particles that give you money rather than pools of blood
  • Nerfed "Special Rounds" to only give a +30% damage boost rather than a +50% damage boost


  • Fixed a crash caused by defeating the true final boss with the "Smashed Pumpkin" item
  • Fixed a bug where Chunks would create massive, unavoidable waves of projectiles when doing his stomp attack while stunned
  • Big Hearts on the third floor are now layered correctly and won't appear in front of/above everything else on-screen
  • The "Breeze Pods" item's effect now works properly
  • Fixed a softlock related to the boss of the alternate third floor
  • Cordelia no longer activates challenge room boxes just by walking underneath them
  • Cordelia shop dialogue is no longer present when you enter a shop with the "Witch-B-Gone" item
  • Fixed a couple typos