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Ambrosia is an Item that fully heals the player to their current max health. It is the most common item in the game, available by default at the Witch Shop and the Clinic, making it available at least once on each regular floor.


Ambrosia is a useful item for keeping the player alive, but its cost adds nuance to its use. Unless the player has lots of disposable funds, they are inclined to wait until close to death to purchase it and maximize its efficiency. It is also extremely useful when picking up Toilet Paper without also having Wet Wipes, as even though it can only heal an inefficient 1 HP, it is much more reliable than waiting for a Heart to drop while at critical health.


  • Ambrosia is an item in Greek myth considered to be the drink of the gods. It is said in many writings to confer immortality or otherwise great health.
  • According to Roselia's shopkeeper quote, she makes the Ambrosia herself. This also implies that Cordelia receives her supply from her mother.