Wet Wipes

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"Way better than plain ol' TP!"


"Keep the lid closed so they don't dry out!"


Wet Wipes is an Item that negates the HP penalty of Toilet Paper, allowing the player to pick it up without additional strategy


Wet Wipes is a must-have item. Toilet Paper allows easy access to the game's most powerful items, and this item removes the only deterrent to picking it up. The item itself has no downsides, so there's little reason not to obtain it unless there are extraneous circumstances such as having an active Duplicator which may be better spent on another item.


  • Toilet Paper - This item no longer has a penalty.
  • The Diaper - Toilet Paper appears more frequently, allowing the benefit of this item to see more use.

See Also

  • Dead Eye and Jester's Cap, other items with massive risk-reward potential.
  • Fake Poo, another item that relates to fecal matter... if that's what you're looking for.


  • Despite common practice, do not flush wet wipes as you would normal toilet paper. Wet wipes are not designed with materials that degrade and break down when exposed to water and stress, and thus will frequently clog sewer systems.
  • Seriously, get a bidet.