Toilet Paper

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"Can't beat that price!"


"Just don't go throwing it on trees, okay?"


Toilet Paper is an Item that locks the player to 2 Max HP as long as you're carrying it, but can be used as currency with The Toilet in The Bathroom for powerful items. Toilet Paper can be found in vases, item chests, or in the Witch Shop. Having Toilet Paper in the inventory causes an elevator to the Bathroom to always appear on the next floor the player visits.


Because Toilet Paper reduces your HP, it's wise to amass items and builds that offset this penalty if the player doesn't already have Wet Wipes. Mumba experiences the fewest downsides of having this item due to his low starting HP, ranged weapon, and fast movement speed. Fuji is the riskiest character with Toilet Paper due to her melee weapon and lacking a built-in healing method like Digby, and (tied with Jeff) experiences the largest default penalty by picking it up. As items don't despawn, it's wise to avoid picking up Toilet Paper until a floor is completely cleared, or until an elevator to The Bathroom is located, to reduce interaction with difficult enemies or encounters.


  • Wet Wipes - Negates the HP downside of toilet paper.
  • The Diaper - Toilet Paper appears more frequently.


  • When using toilet paper, never wipe back-to-front. You could spread bacteria and develop a UTI.
  • Buy a bidet and thank us later.