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BOSS is an unlockable character in Dead Estate.


BOSS has dark blue hair, with her inmate outfit tied around her waist. She has bandages wrapped around her chest and her right eye, with blood coming from that eye.

In her B Costume, she wears her inmate outfit, with a black eyepatch covering her right eye.

In her C Costume, she wears green military jumpsuit with an eyepatch and a headband, styled after The Boss during the opening section of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.


BOSS blows a hole through her prison cell, and makes a getaway. After bandaging her wounds, she hides in the back of Jeff's truck. After some time, she kicks the back door open to reveal a large swarm of zombies around her (most likely there because of Luis' gunshot). Without hesitation, she hops into the front of the truck and rams it into a tree. After that, she leaps out of the now wrecked truck and seeks safety in the The Mansion. Only to find death inside.


  • BOSS's default weapon is Sticky Bombs.
  • BOSS has 4 max health, less than average and shared with Jules and Digby.
  • BOSS has 2.3 movement speed, which is between Cordelia and Lydia.
  • BOSS has the worst jump in the game.
  • BOSS explodes upon taking damage.
  • BOSS gets more coins from enemies by killing them closer together.
  • BOSS starts with the Second Chance? item and another random explosive based item.


BOSS is unlocked by finding the Wanted Poster in either The Kitchen or The Bathroom subfloors.

Her B Costume is unlocked by defeating a Boss in under 10 seconds.

Her C Costume is unlocked by finishing a run with every of her individual curses activated.


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Strategy and Preferred Items

BOSS is entirely based around explosives, with different ways to set up traps and create insane combos.

  • As expected, explosive items are very useful. The ones that should be prioritized are:
    • Gunpowder - makes all her attacks generally larger.
    • Toxic Barrel - makes every one of her attacks shoot out 8 bullets every time.
    • Combustaphile - Creates massive explosive combos that can clear rooms in, potentially, only one sticky bomb.
  • Because she starts with sticky bombs, weapons can be destroyed more often for extra cash, allowing items like Trade-in Receipt and Heart of Steel to be utilized a lot more.
    • Explosive items also take effect because destroying items is considered an explosion.
  • Chrysus Medallion - Due to starting with Second Chance? BOSS can get massive benefit out of Chrysus Medallion, exploding continuously until she either runs out of money and dies, or gains a heart (either by picking one up or by blowing up an enemy with Second Chance?)

Character Related Achievements

TheKingpin.png The Experiment - Find the Wanted Poster.

TheInmate.png The Inmate - Kill a boss in under 10 seconds.

TheLegend.jpg The Legend - Finish a run with all curses enabled.

NoMoreHeroes.png No More Heroes - Complete the Normal Ending.

BlastDamageDays.png Blast Damage Days - Complete the True Ending.

Gigaton.png Gigaton - Obtain Obtain 10+ explosive-related Items.


  • BOSS was an unused character from the original game, before being added with the Bombs Away update.
    • Her B-costume is inspired by her original design, being an inmate outfit.
  • BOSS gets her starting items by bringing them from Jeff's truck
    • This begs the question: why was Jeff transporting explosives?
  • BOSS’ true ending pose is based off Diego Brando. Her B Costume's pose is based off Deadly Queen. Her C Costume's true ending pose is also based off of Deadly Queen.