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Weapons are the player's primary means of hurting enemies and defending themselves. They vary wildly in behavior, damage, fire rate, range, accuracy, and ammo count, and some weapons have additional effects such as Fire and Radiation.

Main Mechanics

Each character has a default weapon, which cannot be destroyed and has infinite ammo.

Characters can obtain additional weapons from Weapon Chests or the Weapon Shop which take up their secondary slot. Secondary weapons costs Ammo but are generally more powerful than characters' default weapons. Enemies can only drop Ammo when killed by secondary weapons, and weapon ammo is only replenished if that weapon is equipped when the ammo is picked up. Luis has an additional third weapon slot, which functions similarly to the secondary slot.

Superglue replaces the character's default weapon with their secondary, causing it to have unlimited ammo. Holster gives characters a third weapon slot similar to Luis.

Weapons fall into 4 main categories: Guns, Melee, Throwables and Staffs. Most characters can find and use Guns, Melee and Throwables, with some exceptions:

  • Cordelia only finds Staffs, which are exclusive to her.
    • Other characters besides Cordelia can randomly find and use Staffs if they have the Sorcery for Dummies item.
  • Digby can only use Melee and Throwables and will destroy Guns on pickup.
  • Fuji can only use her Boxing Gloves or other Fist weapons and will destroy any other weapon on pickup.


The player can destroy weapons in their second or third slots by holding the Shift key while they are equipped. This provides a slightly random reward of Money based on how much Ammo the weapon has relative to its maximum.

Trade-In Receipt increases the reward for scrapping weapons, and Blacksmith's Anvil provides another weapon when one is scrapped that can't be destroyed.

List of Weapons

There are 115 weapons as of Heaven & Hell.

Name Icon Quote (In pink if Roselia is shopkeeper) Description Price Type Added
Assault Bazooka Just pull the trigger and BOOM! Quickly fires explosive missiles. $400 Gun Bombs Away
Auto-Grenade Launcher Plenty of boom for your buck! Quickly fires low-damage explosive projectiles with a wide spread. $100 Gun Dead Estate
Auto-Shotgun Not recommended for sharp-shooters. Fires faster with less damage than the standard shotgun. $100 Gun Dead Estate
Weapon axe 30.gif
Chop some trees with it. A slow-swinging, high damage woodcutter. $180 Melee Dead Estate
Baseball Bat
Weapon baseballbat 30.gif
Hit a home run for me! Knock 'em out of the park! $180 Melee Dead Estate
Basket Ball
Weapon basketball 30.gif
Dribble it! Very bouncy. Lob it at enemies and see what happens. $180 Throwable Dead Estate
Bass Guitar
Weapon baseguitar 30.gif
Right on! Nothing can happen 'til you swing the bass. $180 Melee Dead Estate
Billiard Balls So many colors! A set of fast-moving multi-color balls that can be thrown one after the other. $100 Throwable Dead Estate
Big Grenade Launcher
Weapon biggrenadelauncher 30.gif
A TON of boom for your buck! Slowly fires explosive projectiles that detonate with a wide radius and high damage. $250 Gun Dead Estate
Blood Staff ...Kinda gross. It'll get the job done, though! Sucks the blood of all enemies within a certain range. $180 Staff Dead Estate
Blue Candle
Weapon bluecandle 30.gif
Need a light? Casts blue flames that circle around you. $180 Throwable Heaven & Hell
Weapon bombs 30.gif
Don't drop it! A bouncy bomb that detonates shortly after being thrown or on impact. $180 Throwable Dead Estate
Bomb Gauntlets Show 'em all the beating of a lifetime! Fists of fury! $250 Melee Bombs Away
Bomb Staff Very dangerous! Treat it with care, sweetie! Casts lines of explosions in the direction you point it towards. $180 Staff Dead Estate
Weapon bone 30.gif
No meat -- picked clean! Spooky! Scary! $100 Melee Halloween Update
Weapon boomerang 30.gif
It comes right back! Fwhoosh! $250 Throwable Dead Estate
Bowling Ball
Weapon bowlingball 30.gif
Strike! Guaranteed to crush anything in its path. $400 Throwable Dead Estate
Boxing Gloves
Weapon boxinggloves 30.gif
N/A N/A N/A Melee Dead Estate
Bouncy Rifle Boioioing! Fires super bouncy bullets. $250 Gun Dead Estate
Weapon broadsword 30.gif
That sword is worth more than your life!...

But I'll sell it to ya for cheap.

Swings fast with low damage. $180 Melee Dead Estate
Broom Stick
Weapon broomstick 30.gif
Hey, that's mine! Cleanup on aisle five...Also can destroy projectiles. $100 Melee Halloween Update
Bullet Bomber
Weapon bulletbomber 30.gif
Blast them all to bits! Fires exploding bullets. $180 Gun Home Theater
Bullet Staff A deadly staff, to be sure! Rapidly fires "magic" bullets at enemies! $180 Staff Dead Estate
Cannon Cannon ball!! Fires a slow-moving, large, very high-damage projectile. Slow reload speed. Gun Dead Estate
Weapon chainsaw 30.gif
Let 'er rip! This'll work. $400 Melee Dead Estate
Chest Scaffolding
Weapon chestscaffolding 30.gif
How'd this get here?... Shoots waves of burning hearts. $180 Gun Home Theater
Chunks' Arm
Weapon chunksarm 30.gif
Blood everywhere. Gun Heaven & Hell
Weapon crossbow 30.gif
You know how to use one of these things? A hard-hitting, slow-reloading weapon that fires bolts which penetrate enemies. $250 Gun Dead Estate
Dead Man's Gun
Weapon deadmansgun 30.gif
Who'd it belong to? I dunno! Damage increases as you kill enemies. Resets upon leaving a room. $250 Gun Heaven & Hell
Diamond Handgun
Weapon diamondhandgun 30.gif
This'll definitely give ya a return on your investment. Makes enemies explode into money. $400 Gun Heaven & Hell
Diamond Shotgun
Weapon diamondshotgun 30.gif
Make some money back with this. Makes enemies explode into money. $400 Gun Heaven & Hell
Digby's Bat
Weapon baseballbat 30.gif
Grand Slam! N/A Melee Dead Estate
Double Barrel Shotgun
Weapon doublebarrelshotgun 30.gif
Twice the barrels, twice the fun. Fires more shots than a standard shotgun with higher speed and a longer reload time. $250 Gun Dead Estate
Double Handgun
Weapon doublehandgun 30.gif
Basically a buy-one-get-one-free deal! Handgun that shoots two bullets with slightly lower accuracy and damage. $180 Gun Dead Estate
Dragon's Mouth
Weapon dragonsmouth 30.gif
Just, uh... mind the flames. burn, baby, burn! (orange and shaky) Gun Home Theater
Egg Staff The maggots... $180 Staff Home Theater
Electric Cable
Weapon electriccable 30.gif
You won't find this at the hardware store! Attaches itself to you and shocks enemies! $180 Home Theater
Electric Guitar
Weapon electricguitar 30.gif
Tune before playing! Rock on! $180 Melee Dead Estate
Weapon eliminator 30.gif
You could cook a steak with this! Fires a constant stream of lasers. $250 Gun Home Theater
Fireshell Cannon
Weapon fireshellcannon 30.gif
Gun Home Theater
Fire Punch
Weapon firepunch 30.gif
Live! Become Fire Punch! $180 Melee Home Theater
Fire Staff (None, potentially bugged.) Magical weapon that casts flaming projectiles. $180 Staff Dead Estate
Flame Cannon
Weapon flamecannon 30.gif
Wear oven mitts with this baby! Fires a flaming cannon ball projectile. $250 Gun Dead Estate
Flame Launcher For pyromaniacs only! Grenade launcher that fires combustible projectiles. $180 Gun Dead Estate
Flame Minigun
Weapon flameminigun 30.gif
Brrrrrrrr! Rapidly sprays flaming bullets. $400 Gun Home Theater
Flame Shotgun
Weapon flameshotgun 30.gif
Burn 'em! A shotgun that fires burning shells. $100 Gun Dead Estate
Weapon flamethrower 30.gif
Burn! Incendiary weapon that does very little initial damage, but is able to burn enemies over time. $180 Gun Dead Estate
Giga Drill
Weapon gigadrill 30.gif
It has a very... masculine aura. Grill those teeth! $250 Dead Estate
Green Candle
Weapon greencandle 30.gif
Don't let the flame go out! Casts green flames that circle around you. $180 Throwable Halloween Update
Grenade Launcher Watch out for explosions! Fires projectiles that explode on impact with living things. $180 Gun Dead Estate
Golden Gun
Weapon goldengun 30.gif
It's Friday night... Let's dance. $180 Gun Dead Estate
Gold Gauntlets
Weapon goldgauntlets 30.gif
Beat them to a pulp! Throw rapid-fire jabs! $180 Melee Home Theater
Goop Launcher
Weapon gooplauncher 30.gif
Ewww! It's sticky... $250 Gun Dead Estate
Hammer You strong enough to lift this? Melee weapon that swings slow but has a wide impact. $250 Melee Dead Estate
Hand Grenades
Weapon handgrenades 30.gif
Easy to use! Pull the pin and toss! $100 Throwable Bombs Away
Weapon handgun 30.gif
Pew pew! Fires at a decent rate and deals fair damage. $180 Gun Dead Estate
Huge Hammer Size isn't everything! Bigger! Better! $250 Melee Halloween Update
Ice Staff (None) Magical weapon that casts freezing projectiles. $180 Staff Dead Estate
Iron Gauntlets Melee Home Theater
Jack-O'-Lantern How festive! Throw it for a fiery explosion! $180 Throwable Halloween Update
Laser Blade
Weapon laserblade 30.gif
Found this in an online auction. Let the bloodshed begin. $250 Melee Dead Estate
Laser Cannon
Weapon lasercannon 30.gif
Freshly arrived from a Martian spacecraft! Fires a large, high damage laser, but has a slow fire rate. $400 Gun Halloween Update
Laser Gun
Weapon lasergun 30.gif
Zap 'em! Fires high-accuracy laser beams with decent damage. $180 Gun Dead Estate
Laser Machine Gun Isn't alien technology the best? Quickly fires low-damage laser beams. $250 Gun Dead Estate
Laser Shotgun
Weapon lasershotgun 30.gif
Excellent for crowd control! Fires a burst of three laser beams with slightly lower damage. $250 Gun Dead Estate
Machine Gun Seems like your kinda gun. Fires fast with decent accuracy, but with a lower damage output. $180 Gun Dead Estate
Machine Pistol
Weapon machinepistol 30.gif
Size isn't everything! Short-range rapid-fire pistol that packs a punch up close. $100 Gun Dead Estate
Magic Staff
Weapon magicstaff 30.gif
(None, potentially bugged.) A plain staff that uses normal magic attacks. $100 Staff Dead Estate
Magnet Staff
Weapon magnetstaff 30.gif
You don't have anything metal on you, right? Fires magic projectiles that pull nearby enemies towards them. $180 Staff Dead Estate
Weapon magnum 30.gif
Fancy, ain't it? Accurate and high damage, but fires slowly. $180 Gun Dead Estate
Marching Drum
Weapon marchingdrum 30.gif
Rhythmic! Does extra damage if you attack on beat. $100 Home Theater
Meat Shooter
Weapon meatshooter 30.gif
Wouldn't recommend eating it. Fires meat. $100 Gun Dead Estate
Mini Bazooka
Weapon minibazooka 30.gif
Careful where you point it! Fires small Explosive missiles! $400 Gun Halloween Update
Weapon minigun 30.gif
Do you know how much it costs to fire this gun for 12 seconds? Fires at an absurdly fast rate with the downside of extremely low accuracy. $250 Gun Dead Estate
Mini Shotgun
Weapon minishotgun 30.gif
Not exactly 'mini' is it? Very high fire rate, but very low damage and even less accuracy. $250 Gun Dead Estate
Mr. Friendly
Weapon mrfriendly 30.gif
Ain't he cute? Squeak 'em! $180 Gun Home Theater
Mumba Launcher
Weapon mumbalauncher 30.gif
Classic Mumba! Live rounds. $250 Gun Dead Estate
Mumba Special
Weapon mumbaspecialhandgun 30.gif
N/A N/A N/A Gun Dead Estate
Nail Gun
Weapon nailgun 30.gif
Penetrate your foes! Rapidly shoots nails with a high accuracy. $100 Gun Dead Estate
Nuclear Crossbow
Weapon nuclearcrossbow 30.gif
Yeesh, watch where ya aim that thing! Fires radioactive bolts that explode on impact. $400 Gun Halloween Update
Weapon paddleball 30.gif
One of the most powerful weapons known to man. Extreme paddle action. $100 Gun Dead Estate
Pepper Spray Never leave home without it!! Apply directly to target's eyes! $100 Gun Dead Estate
Pogo Stick What do you think it does? Bouncy! $250 Dead Estate
Poison Apple
Weapon poisonapple 30.gif
This one's not gonna keep the doctors away! Poisons enemies on impact. $180 Throwable Halloween Update
Poison Potions Don't drink 'em! Comes in different colors! $100 Throwable Halloween Update
Syringe Gun
Weapon poisonsyringegun 30.gif
Sick! Shoots poisonous needles! $180 Gun Halloween Update
Potato Masher
Weapon potatomasher 30.gif
Swing it and see what happens! Melee explosive weapon that detonates on impact with enemies. $180 Melee Bombs Away
Weapon quacks 30.gif
Quacks. Quacks. $100 Throwable Dead Estate
Rad Hammer
Weapon radhammer 30.gif
Just keep it away from pets, alright? Radioactive swings! $250 Melee Home Theater
Rad Handgun
Weapon radhandgun 30.gif
Nuclear power! Shoots radioactive projectiles that deal damage to anything nearby. $180 Gun Halloween Update
Rad Machine Gun
Weapon radmachinegun 30.gif
Need a geiger counter with that? Rapidly fires radioactive projectiles that deal damage to anything nearby. $250 Gun Halloween Update
Rad Sex Gun Eheheheh... Fire six radioactive bullets at once. $400 Gun Home Theater
Rad Shotgun Don't look down the barrel! Fires many radioactive projectiles that that deal damage to anything nearby. $250 Gun Halloween Update
Record Jam out! Groovy! $250 Home Theater
Reflector Gun Gun Home Theater
Reverse Handgun Just, uh, don't shoot yourself with it -- alright? Fires two bullets in opposite directions. $180 Gun Dead Estate
Rhetoric Staff Take it! I'm sick of it hitting on me all the time! A staff with a mind of its own that hurls insults at enemies. $180 Staff Dead Estate
Rotten Tomato
Weapon rottentomato 30.gif
Stank! throw nasty rotten tomatoes $180 Throwable Home Theater
Sawed-off Shotgun
Weapon sawedoffshotgun 30.gif
It's illegal to own this, you know? Fires more shots than a standard shotgun with much less accuracy and range. $250 Gun Dead Estate
Sex Gun
Weapon sexgun 30.gif


Fire six bullets at once. $400 Gun Home Theater
Shell Cannon
Weapon shellcannon 30.gif
It really packs a punch! Fires a massive burst of shotgun shells. $250 Gun Dead Estate
Weapon shotgun 30.gif
Good ol' shotgun. Very effective with a high damage output, but only at close range and with a low fire rate. $100 Gun Dead Estate
Shuriken You otaku... Pointy! $100 Throwable Dead Estate
Weapon smg 30.gif
Spray and pray! Has a fast fire rate at the cost of low accuracy and damage. $100 Gun Dead Estate
Sniper Rifle Snipin's a good job. Fires a devastating blow, but reloads slowly. $400 Gun Dead Estate
Steel Gauntlet Punch 'em all out! Swing with heavy punches! $180 Melee Dead Estate
Sticky Bombs Ka-BOOM! Bombs that can be detonated remotely with the weapon switch button. $250 Throwable Bombs Away
Super Flamethrower Hot to the touch! Burn. $250 Gun Dead Estate
Super Machine Gun Real gangsters only! More powerful version of the machine gun that fires a little slower. $250 Gun Dead Estate
Tennis Ball Racket not included. Highly bouncy, easily-throwable spherical weapon that travels fast. $100 Throwable Dead Estate
The Cube
Weapon thecube 30.gif
Its's a cube, what more can I say? Squash them. $250 Throwable Dead Estate
The Gloves
Weapon thegloves 30.gif
Give 'em what for! Beat 'em up! $100 Melee Home Theater
Weapon thumbtacks 30.gif
Pointy! Don't step on any! $250 Home Theater
Thunder Staff Shocking, isn't it? Summons thunder from the sky to attack enemies. $180 Staff Dead Estate
Triple Bazooka
Weapon triplebazooka 30.gif
Gun Bombs Away
Triple Crossbow Three times the fun! A crossbow modified to fire three bolts at once. Fires very slowly. $400 Gun Dead Estate
Weapon trumpet 30.gif
Didn't know you could play! Play it proud! $100 Gun Halloween Update
Weapon undefined 30.gif
Uh... I think ya need to install somethin'. "lorum upsum dolor sit amet" + TE_RESET $400 Gun Dead Estate
Vacuum Cleaner
Weapon vaccuumcleaner 30.gif
Home Theater
Wind Staff (None) Blow your foes away! $180 Staff Home Theater