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Digby is an unlockable character in Dead Estate.


Digby is a small boy with unkempt reddish-brown hair, wearing a tan boyscout uniform with a red ascot, brown shorts and red shoes.

In his B Costume, he wears a white t-shirt, blue hair, and a red hat and backpack, based on Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin'.

In his C Costume, he has straight black hair, wearing a black suit with white cuffs and yellow buttons along the middle and sleeves, inspired by Shigeo "Mob" Kageyama from Mob Psycho 100.


Digby looks through his merit badges, still needing one more in "Lab Rat". As he's walking by, he finds an advertisement for "Lab Assistant Needed" by Albert and Cordelia. He reaches The Manison, with hopes of the badge and having a crush on Cordelia. After he knocks on the entrance, Chunks grabs him and pulls him inside.


  • Digby's starting weapon is the Baseball Bat, with greater damage, projectile speed, and the added ability to destroy projectiles.
  • Digby has 4 max health, having less than average amount and tied with Jules and BOSS.
  • Digby has 3.2 movement speed, the highest of all characters.
  • Digby has a low jump, but has the ability to double jump.
  • Killing enemies in rapid succession builds up a combo meter which increases his movement and attack speed.
    • He has a max combo stack of 50.
    • His combo breaks in 7 seconds if enemies aren't killed.
      • Curse of the Pubescent changes this to 5.6 seconds.
      • Changing rooms resets the combo timer to 50%.
    • If he loses of combo of 10+, he heals for 1 HP.
      • Curse of the Pubescent increases this to 2 HP.
    • His movement speed increases by 0.66% with each stack up to a max of 33%.
      • Curse of the Pubescent increases the max to 50%.
    • His attack speed increases by ~2.3% with each stack up to a max of ~115%.
      • Curse of the Pubescent increaes the max to ~125%.
  • Digby destroys all weapons except for melee, throwable, and strange.


Digby is unlocked by purchasing a map on every place you visit.

His B Costume is unlocked by finding and destroying an arcade machine in the Attic Sanctum. This machine appears in a special room that only appears when playing as Digby, similar to the room Mumba is unlocked in.

His C Costume is unlocked by completing a run with every one of his Curses active.


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Strategy and Preferred Items

Digby is arguably the hardest character to use, requiring him to get incredibly close to his enemies with too low health to make it safe in many situations. Also, the combo system is pretty much useless for Challenge Rooms and for either of the Final Bosses. However, once a high combo is set up, it makes him more manageable as long as you can keep it.

  • Any health upgrades, such as Gold Herb and Peanut Butter Bunny, can create a larger safety net for getting up close in combat.
  • Items like Trade-in-Reciept can increase the money gained due to most weapons being destroyed automatically
  • Items like Tazer and Bonker can create a gap between the enemies and avoid taking damage.

Character Related Achievements

TheBoyscout.png The Boyscout - Purchase a map on every possible floor of the mansion.

TheFunkhead.png The Funkhead - Destroy... "something" in the Attic Sanctum.

TheSupernatural.jpg The Supernatural - Finish a run with all curses enabled.

SilenceKid.png Silence Kid - Complete the Normal Ending.

Troublemaker.png Troublemaker - Complete the True Ending.

OuttathePark!.png Outta the Park! - Get a 20+ kill combo.


  • Digby originates from Holy Smokes, another game made by the Milkbar Lads.
  • Digby has been confirmed to be an anxious 14-year-old.
  • Digby shares unique dialogue with Cordelia upon entering her shop, a trait shared with Mumba, Axel, and Fuji.
  • Funkin' Digby's death animation of his head exploding was one of the conditions given to Milkbar Lads in order for Boyfriend to be referenced by the skin.
  • Digby's pose at the end of the true ending cutscene is based off of Koichi Hirose from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable; specifically his infamous pose from the anime's first opening Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town. His B Costume's pose is based off of an unnamed boy possessed by the Stand Anubis from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.
  • Digby has a girlfriend by the name of Wendy.