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There are a total of 112 achievements in Dead Estate.

Name Icon Description Notes Unlock(s)
Dead Estate DeadEstate.png Clear the game on 'normal' difficulty. This achievement cannot be unlocked on a Looped Run Unlocks painful difficulty & The Bank
Deader Estate DeaderEstate.png Clear the game on 'painful' difficulty. This achievement cannot be unlocked on a Looped Run Unlocks nightmare difficulty
Deadest Estate DeadestEstate.png Clear the game on 'nightmare' difficulty. This achievement cannot be unlocked on a Looped Run Unlocks X must die difficulty
Deaderest Estate DeaderestEstate.png Clear the game on 'X must die' difficulty. This achievement cannot be unlocked on a Looped Run
Butler Butler.png Clear the Ground Floor.
Cultist Cultist.png Clear the Second Story.
Freako Freako.png Clear the Attic Sanctum.
Evil Genius EvilGenius.png Clear the Laboratory.
Groundskeeper Groundskeeper.png Clear the Dark Mood Woods.
Tomb Raider TombRaider.png Clear the Forsaken Crypt.
Director Director.png Clear the Abandoned Set.
Deep Diver DeepDiver.png Clear the Sunken Ship.
Slayer Slayer.png Clear the Exit Realm.
Master of the House MasteroftheHouse.png Clear the Arena.
The Sorceress TheSorceress.png Clear the game as both Jules and Jeff. Unlocks Cordelia
The Boyscout TheBoyscout.png Purchase a map on every possible level of the mansion. Unlocks Digby
The Experiment TheExperiment.png Discover the strange creature in the vat in the Laboratory. Unlocks Mumba
The Realtor TheRealtor.png Clear a run with over $1000 in your pockets. Unlocks Lydia
The Ex-Officer TheEx-Officer.png Clear a looped run. Unlocks Luis
The Fighter TheFighter.png Have over 12 maximum HP at once. Unlocks Fuji
The Kingpin TheKingpin.png Find the Wanted Poster. Unlocks BOSS
The Hunk TheHunk.png Find Axel's secret hideaway. Unlocks Axel
The Gang's All Here! TheGang'sAllHere!.png Unlock every character in the game.
The President's Daughter ThePresident'sDaughter.png As Jules, defeat Chunks on the final floor in under 1 minute. Unlocks Jules' B Costume
The Dwarf TheDwarf.png As Jeff, clear Dark Mood Woods on 'painful' difficulty. This achievement will also be unlocked on Nightmare and X Must Die difficulties. Unlocks Jeff's B Costume
The Scholar TheScholar.png Get the true ending as every character. Unlocks Cordelia's B Costume
The Funkhead TheFunkhead.png As Digby, destroy... "something" in the Attic Sanctum. Requires you to destroy the arcade machine. Unlocks Digby's B Costume
The Abomination TheAbomination.png As Mumba, reach the Exit Realm on 'painful' difficulty. Unlocks Mumba's B Costume
The Assassin TheAssassin.png As Lydia, clear a run without breaking a single pot. Unlocks Lydia's B Costume
The Nightmare Cop TheNightmareCop.png As Luis, clear a looped run without ever picking up a heart. Things sutch as Lead Gut or Medkit do not lose you the achivement, as a rule of thumb: if the "+1HP" text does not show up, your fine. Unlocks Luis' B Costume
The Candidate TheCandidate.png As Fuji, knock out Chunks on every possible floor that you visit. The alt floors are not required. It's recommend to avoid them when getting this achievement. Unlocks Fuji's B Costume
The Inmate TheInmate.png As BOSS, kill a boss in under 10 seconds. Unlocks BOSS' B Costume
The Crownless King TheCrownlessKing.png As Axel, find and pick up a Laser Blade Unlocks Axel's B Costume
Costume Party! CostumeParty!.png Unlock the B Costume for every character.
The Bounty Hunter TheBountyHunter.jpg Finish a run with all curses enabled as Jules. Unlocks Jules' C Costume
The Youngin TheYoungin.jpg Finish a run with all curses enabled as Jeff. Unlocks Jeff's C Costume
The Countess TheCountess.jpg Finish a run with all Curses enabled as Cordelia. Unlocks Cordelia's C Costume
The Supernatural TheSupernatural.jpg Finish a run with all curses enabled as Digby. Unlocks Digby's C Costume
The Critter TheCritter.jpg Finish a run with all curses enabled as Mumba. Unlocks Mumba's C Costume
The Magnet TheMagnet.jpg Finish a run with all curses enabled as Lydia. Unlocks Lydia's C Costume
The Detective TheDetective.jpg Finish a run with all curses enabled as Luis. Unlocks Luis' C Costume
The Wrestler TheWrestler.jpg Finish a run with all curses enabled as Fuji. Unlocks Fuji's C Costume
The Legend TheLegend.jpg Finish a run with all curses enabled as BOSS. Unlocks BOSS' C Costume
The Teacher TheTeacher.png Finish a run with all curses enabled as Axel. Unlocks Axel's C Costume
Costume Party 2! CostumeParty2!.jpg Unlock the C Costume for every character.
The College Dropout TheCollegeDropout.png Beat the game as Jules.
Orange County Lumber Truck OrangeCountyLumberTruck.png Beat the game as Jeff.
A Wizard AWizard.png Beat the game as Cordelia. Unlocks the alt floors, the true ending and The Basement
Silence Kid SilenceKid.png Beat the game as Digby.
Muh Muh, Hey Hey MuhMuh,HeyHey.png Beat the game as Mumba.
Mansion on the Hill MansionontheHill.png Beat the game as Lydia.
Old and Unprofessional OldandUnprofessional.png Beat the game as Luis.
Hit to Death HittoDeath.png Beat the game as Fuji.
No More Heroes NoMoreHeroes.png Beat the game as BOSS.
Punk Rock Loser PunkRockLoser.png Beat the game as Axel.
Graduation Graduation.png Get the true ending as Jules.
Refuge of the Roads RefugeoftheRoads.png Get the true ending as Jeff.
A True Star ATrueStar.png Get the true ending as Cordelia.
Troublemaker Troublemaker.png Get the true ending as Digby.
Hey Hey, Muh Muh HeyHey,MuhMuh.png Get the true ending as Mumba.
A New Career in a New Town ANewCareerinaNewTwon.png Get the true ending as Lydia.
Dirty Work DirtyWork.png Get the true ending as Luis.
Showdown Showdown.png Get the true ending as Fuji.
Blast Damage Days BlastDamageDays.png Get the true ending as BOSS.
No More Mr. Nice Guy NoMoreMr.NiceGuy.png Get the true ending as Axel.
Locksmith Locksmith.png Assemble all four parts of the Silver Key.
What's Inside? What'sInside.png Open the coffin.
Spree Killer SpreeKiller.png Clear a challenge room in 15 seconds or less.
Exterminator Exterminator.png Knock out Chunks.
Secret Secret SecretSecret.png Visit 10 secret rooms in a single run.
Hope She Notices You HopeSheNoticesYou.png Purchase Cordelia's entire stock on the first floor. Unlocks your dissapointment as you realize she didnt notice you.
Speedrunner Speedrunner.png Complete a run in 20 minutes or less.
Fill My Pockets FillMyPockets.png Carry over $1,000 at once.
Fill My Wallet FillMyWallet.png Carry over $2,000 at once.
Fill My Vault FillMyVault.png Carry over $3,000 at once.
Die Die.png Die. Die. Die.
Without a Hitch WithoutaHitch.png Complete a run without taking a single hit. This achievement is not difficulty-dependent.
Massacre Massacre.png Kill 6+ enemies with less than a second gap between each kill.
Another Go-round AnotherGo-round.png Leap off the balcony and loop your run.
Again?! Again.png Loop twice in a single run.
Mouse Trap MouseTrap.png Get a Crusher in the Laboratory to land on Chunks. Achieving this is extremely generous due to the hitboxes of Chunks and the Crusher.
Homerun Hitter HomerunHiiter!.png Kill a Moth using a melee weapon as it's coming at you. Despite being classified as Melee weapons, this achievement cannot be unlocked with Fuji's default Boxing Gloves.
Speed Demon SpeedDemon.png Press all 3 buttons in the Exit Realm within 5 minutes.
Collector Collector.png Collect 15+ items in a single run.
Hoarder Hoarder.png Collect 25+ items in a single run.
Klepto Klepto.png Collect 35+ items in a single run.
Window Shopper WindowShopper.png Complete a run without ever visiting a shopkeeper. The Clinic and Weapon Shop count as shopkeepers for the purposes of this achievement.
Roided Out RoidedOut.png Max out all your stats with Dr. Cordelia. Despite the description, this can also be achieved while playing as Cordelia.
Scrap Metal ScrapMetal.png Destroy 5+ weapons in a single run.
Happy Halloween HappyHalloween!.png This achievement is unlocked by opening the game on Halloween, which can be easily achieved by changing your device's system settings.
The Great Escape TheGreatEscape.png Complete Assignment Anya. Unlocks Curse of the Hunted.
Giant Steps GiantSteps.png Complete Massive Attack. Unlocks Curse of the Giant.
One Man Army OneManArmy.png Complete The Gauntlet. Unlocks Curse of the Horde.
Scrambled Scrambled.png Complete Jumbled Mess. Unlocks Curse of the Confused.
Darkest Before Dawn DarkestBeforeDawn.png Complete Blackout. Unlocks Curse of the Volatile.
Blammed! Blammed!.png Complete Old Grounds. Unlocks Curse of the Ancient.
Bloody Mess Bloody Mess.png Complete Hemophiliac. Unlocks Curse of the Famished.
Glowing Green GlowingGreen.png Complete Mutants. Unlocks Curse of the Explosive.
Scarred For Life ScarredForLife.png Complete No Spill Blood. Unlocks Curse of the Bleeder.
Chargeback Chargeback.png Complete Mom's Credit Card. Unlocks Curse of the Costly.
Chapter Eleven ChapterEleven.png Complete The Great Depression. Unlocks Curse of the Reckless.
Kill Screen Kill Screen.png Complete Arcade Maniac. Unlocks Curse of the Ghost.
Challenger Challenger.png Complete every Challenge
Executive Branch ExecutiveBranch.png Achieve a S rank in Assignment Anya.
Big Business BigBusiness.png Achieve an A rank in Assignment Anya.
Employee Of The Month EmployeeOfTheMonth.png Achieve a B rank in Assignment Anya.
Struggler Struggler.png Achieve a C rank in Assignment Anya.
Escape Artist EscapeArtist.png Complete Assignment Anya in under one hour.
Safe And Sound SafeAndSound.png Complete Assignment Anya by using one or fewer healing items.
To Boldly Flee ToBoldlyFlee.png Complete Assignment Anya by saving your progress a single time or less.
Is It Hot In Here? IsItHotInHere.png Melt the ice cube manually. This can be achieved by standing up next to the fireplace in The Study.
Patience Is Key PatienceIsKey.png Let the ice cube melt on it's own. Standing next to a candle can decrease the time it takes to melt.
Precious Things PreciousThings.png Escape the mansion with the ducky floaty.
Some Time to Reflect SomeTimeToReflect.png Warp across the mansion using a mirror.
Disarmed Disarmed.png Hvfdsh Fkxqnv wkh iluvw wlph.
Outta the Park! OuttathePark!.png As Digby, get a 20+ kill combo.
Shiny! Shiny!.png Destroy a full ammo Golden Gun as Luis. This also works if the Golden Gun has more than full ammo.
Nothing Comes Free NothingComesFree.png Get 10+ reward items in a single run as Lydia.
Mama's Girl Mama'sGirl.png Purchase a shop's entire stock as Cordelia.
Heavyweight Champ HeavyweightChamp.png As Fuji, kill a boss in under 30 seconds.
Mumba Shoot Mumba... MumbaShootMumba....png Obtain a Mumba Launcher as Mumba.
Ol' Reliable Ol'Reliable.png Clear a run without picking up, firing, or scrapping a single weapon besides your Shotgun or Rocket Launcher as Jules.
Too Old for This TooOldforThis.png As Jeff, clear a run without any items. This achievement is not difficulty-dependent.
Gigaton Gigaton.png As BOSS, obtain 10+ explosive-related items.
Lumberjack Lumberjack.png As Axel, deal 100+ damage in a single hit with your hatchets.
Toilet Humor TolietHumor.png Purchase an item using Toilet Paper in the Bathroom.
Occupied! Occupied!.png Buy the Toilet's entire stock in the Bathroom.
Midas Midas.png Break 10 golden pots in a single run.
Just Getting Started JustGettingStarted.png Store $200 in the bank.
Humble Beginnings HumbleBeginnings.png Store $1000 in the bank.
Safety Net SafetyNet.png Store $2000 in the bank.
Money Maker MoneyMaker.png Store $5000 in the bank.
Nest Egg NestEgg.png Store $10000 in the bank.
Rich Rich.png Store $20000 in the bank.
Rodent Rodent.jpg Hold 10 Chunks Medallions at the same time.
Vermin Vermin.jpg Hold 50 Chunks Medallions at the same time.
START RUNNING... STARTRUNNING....png ...if you want to live. This achievement is unlocked by encountering Chunks for the first time.
RUNRUNRUNRUNRUN RUNRUNRUNRUNRUN.png RUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUN This achievement is unlocked by encountering Glitchy Chunks for the first time.
This is It ThisisIt.png Reach Diavola.
Triumph Triumph.png Kill Diavola. Unlocks The Arena and Hellmart.
Curses! Curses!.jpg Purchase your first Curse from Filia. Unlocks Heavenmart
Blessings! Blessings!.jpg Purchase your first Blessing from Faith.
??? Rest.png Find a place to rest. Interact with the bed in the Earth Died Screaming room, located on the 2nd floor of the 1st loop.
Milkbar Lads #1 Fan! MilkbarLads.png Unlock EVERY (pre-update) medal. You can uninstall the game now.


  • Every achievement name tied to an ending (besides the ones tied to Mumba) is a song or album name:
    • The College Dropout and Graduation are both albums by 'Kanye West'.
    • Orange County Lumber Truck is a song by 'The Mothers of Invention'.
    • Refuge of the Roads is a song by 'Joni Mitchell'.
    • A Wizard and A True Star are both parts of the same name of an album by 'Todd Rundgren'.
    • Silence Kid is a song by 'Pavement'.
    • Troublemaker is a song by 'Olly Murs'.
    • Mansion on the Hill is a song by 'Bruce Springsteen'.
    • A New Career in a New Town is an album by 'David Bowie'.
    • Old and Unprofessional is a song by 'Bomb the Music Industry!'.
    • Dirty Work is a song by 'Steely Dan'.
    • Hit to Death is a part of the name of an album by 'The Flaming Lips'.
    • Showdown is a song by 'Electric Light Orchestra'.
    • No More Heroes is a song by 'The Stranglers'.
    • Blast Damage Days is a song by 'Jeff Rosenstock'.
    • Punk Rock Loser is a song by 'Viagra Boys'.
    • No More Mr. Nice Guy is a song by 'Alice Cooper'.