The Bank

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Vault of Valuables: The Bank

The Bank is a Alternate Floor, in the BOMBS AWAY Update

You can tell it is The Bank before entering by its Tan Walls, Wooden Floor, and Furniture/Decorations.

The Content

The Bank starts off in a room with similar to the previous stated decorations, and a door to the next room.

The door leads into another room with the same theme, the cages to go back are there to. there is also two golden pots in the room. with a room on the right leading to the bank.

When you when you get to the next room, Cordelia is behind a unreachable area. (Roselia is there instead on runs with Cordelia)

What It's For

The Bank is a way to store money throughout any run you do as any character, if you go back to it. you can put/take out in multiples of $200.


JustGettingStarted.png Just Getting Started - Store $200 in the bank.

HumbleBeginnings.png Humble Beginnings - Store $1000 in the bank.

SafetyNet.png Safety Net - Store $2000 in the bank.

MoneyMaker.png Money Maker - Store $5000 in the bank.

NestEgg.png Nest Egg - Store $10000 in the bank.

Rich.png Rich - Store $20000 in the bank.