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Mumba is an unlockable character in Dead Estate.


Mumba is a short white blob with no arms and stubby feet that flop around as he moves.

In his B Costume, Mumba's skin becomes pink, and his body and head gain large mouths full of sharp teeth.

In his C Costume, Mumba takes on the appearance of a brown bear, with oval ears, paws for feet and bushier eyebrows.


Mumba once lived in the Ugby Mumba dimension, shooting bad guys and getting all the girls. However, one day he gets mortally wounded and kicked out of his dimension, ending up outside the mansion. It's there that Albert appears and saves his life by placing him into a tube in his Laboratory. After an unconfirmed amount of time, he finally breaks free of the tube and can finally move and get back to shooting bad guys.

It can be presumed that canonically, Mumba would start runs in the Laboratory, but for gameplay reasons he begins in the Ground Floor like all other characters.


  • Mumba's default weapon is The Mumba Special, a fast-firing pistol unique to him.
  • Mumba has 2 max Health, the lowest of all characters.
  • Mumba has 3 movement speed, higher than every character but Digby.
  • Mumba fires all Weapons faster.


Mumba is unlocked by entering a unique room in The Laboratory. The room will always appear until the player finds it, and will not appear again after unlocking him.

His B Costume is unlocked by reaching Exit Realm on Painful difficulty.

His C Costume is unlocked by completing a run with every one of his Curses active.


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Strategy and Preferred Items

Mumba is a purely offensive character, exchanging survivability for mobility and damage output. Without items or stat upgrades, Mumba can only take two hits, and due to this he is not recommended for beginners despite his ease of unlocking.

  • Health increasing items such as Peanut Butter Bunny and Gold Herb are top priority as Mumba.
    • Duane Burger may be worth taking despite the speed decrease.
  • With his faster fire rate, items with a chance to trigger on your shots such as Lighter and Bonker are more effective on Mumba.
  • Due to the strength of The Mumba Special, Mumba can safely destroy many Weapons to reap the benefits of Heart of Steel, Trade-in Receipt and Surprise Confetti
  • It's easier for Mumba to trigger items that activate at 1 HP such as Ancient Urn and Raging Fire.
  • Items that activate on taking damage such as Tragedy and Blood Money are less effective on Mumba.
  • Speed increasing items such as Sugar? and Diet Pills are generally not needed and may result in accidentally taking damage and Chunks being very difficult to avoid.

Character Related Achievements

TheExperiment.png The Experiment - Discover the strange creature in the vat in the Laboratory.

TheAbomination.png The Abomination - Reach the Exit Realm on 'painful' difficulty.

TheCritter.jpg The Critter - Finish a run with all curses enabled.

MuhMuh,HeyHey.png Muh Muh, Hey Hey - Complete the Normal Ending.

HeyHey,MuhMuh.png Hey Hey, Muh Muh - Complete the True Ending.

MumbaShootMumba....png Mumba Shoot Mumba... - Obtain a Mumba Launcher.


A detailed look at Mumba's anatomy, courtesy of Ennuikal
  • Mumba is implied to live in Ohio, which is presumably the same state Dead Estate takes place in.
  • According to Jack in a Twitter AMA, Mumba weighs 240 lbs, due to being “small but incredibly dense”.
    • The AMA also reveals that Mumba and Chunks have a bitter rivalry and “would never interact with one another”.
  • Mumba shares unique dialogue with Cordelia, a trait shared with Fuji and Digby.
  • Mumba is the most commonly unlocked character, with a 37% unlock rate as of January 10th 2023.
  • Mumba could be a reference to the character TOFU in Resident Evil 2, with them both being white doughy characters.
  • Mumba shares characteristics with Melting and Yung Venuz from Nuclear Throne.
    • Melting has only a measly 2 health and is very easy to unlock(being the most commonly obtained character according to Steam achievements) while being the hardest character to learn.
    • Yung Venuz is a white character who is out of place from the rest of the cast, brings a gun that is superior to a default option, fires all weapons faster, comes from another game, and has achieved a degree of meme status in the community.
  • Mumba likes prog rock.
  • Mumba has an egg.
  • Mumba canonically has a penis. please don't google this.
  • Mumba is from previous Milkbar Lads games Ugby Mumba and Ugby Mumba 3.
  • Mumba's pose at the end of the true ending cutscene is based off of Iggy. His B Costume's pose is also based off of Iggy. His C Costume's pose is based off of Jean Pierre Polnareff.
    • This makes Mumba the only character who has both of his poses be based off of the same character.[1]
  • Mumba makes several appearances in the Milkbar Lads game Shrimp OS:
    • He appears in a downloadable remake of Ugby Mumba.
    • He is seen on the title screen of Ugby Mumba 3 that can be found on the app Shteam.
    • Ugby Mumba 3 and Ugby Mumba 2 (a very real game) are referred to in a Krillet post: "I (32) have been putting a little bit of bleach in my GF's (17) food because she said Ugby Mumba 2 was better than Ugby Mumba 3. AITA?"