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Dead Estate has 10 different playable characters to choose from. Each character has their own starting Weapon with infinite ammo, along with unique upsides and downsides that make them better fit for certain playstyles. Each character also has unlockable B Costume and C Costume, usually obtained by doing a specific task as them.

Below is a table containing basic information about each playable character. More information can be obtained from their respective pages.

Starting Characters
Name Card/Badge Information
  • Starts with a Handgun
  • Has 8 Health.
  • Has 2 movement speed, the lowest of all characters and tied with Luis.
  • Unlocked by default.
  • Starts with a Shotgun.
  • Has 4 Health.
  • Has 2.6 movement speed, higher than most characters.
  • Unlocked by default.

Unlockable Characters
Name Card/Badge Information
  • Starts with Hatchets.
  • Has 4 Health.
  • Has 2.6 movement speed, which is higher than average and tied with Jules.
  • Can charge Hatchets to throw them both at the same time, boomeranging back. If the charge is till held down when returned, they'll be fully charged again. They charge faster during a Boss.
  • Hatchets pass through enemies.
  • Axel's secret hideaway can be found in the starting room of every floor. It contains a present that can contain money, an Item, or a Weapon. The room also contains several barrels with health and Ammo.
  • Unlocked by finding his secret hideaway or completing Assignment Anya.
  • Starts with Sticky Bombs.
  • Has 4 Health.
  • Has 2.3 movement speed, which is between Cordelia and Lydia.
  • Has the worst jump in the game
  • Explodes upon taking damage.
  • Gets more coins by killing enemies faster
  • Starts with Second Chance?
  • Starts with another random explosive based item
  • Unlocked by finding the Wanted Poster.
  • Starts with a Magic Staff.
  • Has 6 Health.
  • Has 2.2 movement speed, which is considered average.
  • Can float while falling by holding the jump key.
  • All Weapons she finds are Staffs.
  • Unlocked by beating the game as both Jeff and Jules.
  • Starts with a Baseball Bat that destroys projectiles.
  • Starts with 4 Health
  • Has 3.2 movement speed, the highest of all characters.
  • Has smaller jumps, but can double jump.
  • Killing Monsters in quick succession increases his combo, granting him higher movement and attack speed.
    • When a combo of 10+ ends, Digby heals 1 Health.
  • Destroys Guns on pickup, being limited to Melee, Throwables, and stranger types of Weapons.
  • Unlocked by purchasing a Map on every floor you visit.
  • Starts with Boxing Gloves.
  • Has 8 Health.
  • Has 2.1 movement speed, which is between Jeff and Cordelia.
  • Destroys all Weapons besides the Rocket Launcher on pickup.
  • Can air dash by holding the Weapon swap/recycle button while attacking in the air.
  • Breaks Pots by walking over them.
  • Unlocked by having 12 or more Health.
  • Starts with a Magnum.
  • Has 6 Health.
  • Has 2 movement speed, the lowest of all characters and tied with Jeff.
  • Has perfect accuracy with all Weapons besides Shotguns.
  • Has a third weapon slot.
  • Unlocked by beating the game after Looping.
  • Starts with Pepper Spray.
  • Starts with 5 Health.
  • Has 2.4 movement speed, between Cordelia and Jules.
  • Starts with $200.
  • Finds significantly more money than other characters.
  • Gains a free item for every $600 acquired.
    • This increases when Looping.
  • Passively loses $1 per second. Gradually loses all her Health at $0.
  • Drops some money uppon getting damaged.
  • Unlocked by beating the game with at least $1000 in your wallet.
Mumba MumbaPaper.png
  • Starts with The Mumba Special.
  • Starts with 2 Health.
  • Has 3 movement speed, higher than Jules.
  • Fires all Weapons faster.
  • Unlocked by finding a special room in the Laboratory.



  • Mumba is the most commonly unlocked character, and before the Bombs Away update, Digby was the least. After Bombs Away, the title belonged to BOSS. As of Axe to Grind, the title belongs to Axel.
  • The United States phone number on BOSS' poster does not work. Numbers with the central office code "555" are often unassigned, as the numbers "555-0100" and "555-0199" are reserved for use in fictional media to prevent unwanted call behavior and many mistakenly believe that all station codes following 555 are used for this purpose. However, the area code "419" implies that BOSS was imprisoned in northwestern Ohio. The judges must have really had it out for her.