The Arena

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Den of Demons

The Arena is a Sub Floor, added in the Bombs Away Update. The room leading to it is a gray stone room, with the boss elevator in the middle.

The Contents

The Arena starts off in a room with 10 red pots on the bottom, and a door forward.

The next room has a floating cube very similar to the challenge rooms in the main floor, but it has 4-6 items in it rather than the normal 1-2.

When you hit the box, a three minute timer starts and you fight 5 different bosses in a row, and just like a challenge room, if you defeat all the bosses before the timer runs out, you get the items. Failure to do so in the time limit leads to nothing being gained.

Doing the challenge room is optional, and can be skipped if need be.

Bosses(In order)

Ultraclot or Queen Infester

Leviathan Egg, The Resident, or Pumpkin Prince

Pierrot or Nataleviathan


The Experiment or Cybil


  • Kraken is the only boss that's guaranteed appear, always being the 4th fight.
  • The Golden Mask and The Glitch are omitted from the set of bosses, most likely due to being incredibly long compared to all other bosses.
  • Cybil will appear defeated the next time the player encounters her if she was defeated in The Arena, even if she wasn't encountered on The Laboratory yet.