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Fuji is an unlockable character in Dead Estate.


Fuji is a strong, pink haired and tall muscular lady with a pink leotard along with her signature pink and white mask.

In her B Costume, she wears a white business shirt with yellow tie, light brown pants, and replaces her mask with a pair of glasses. The costume is a reference to Senator Armstrong from the 2013 game "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance"

In her C Costume, she wears a blue and pink wrestling outfit that resembles a Lucha libre costume. The costume also bears heavy resemblance to that of Mask De Smith from the 2005 game "Killer 7"


  • Fuji's default weapon is the Boxing Gloves, which are unique to her.
  • Fuji has 8 max health, the highest of all characters and shared with Jeff.
  • Fuji has 2.1 movement speed, slightly faster than Jeff and Luis
  • Fuji can dash through the air by jumping and pressing the attack and weapon swap buttons at the same time.
  • Fuji can walkover any pots, similar to the ability that Destructive Aura gives. Leeches won’t spawn if a pot is destroyed in this way.
  • Any weapons, with the exception of the Rocket Launcher, are immediately destroyed on contact, granting money.


Fuji is unlocked by having at least 12+ HP in a run.

Her B Costume is unlocked by knocking out Chunks on every floor the player goes to, with the exception of the Old Set.

Her C Costume is unlocked by finishing a run with every one of her individual curses activated.


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Strategy and Preferred Items

Fuji is entirely focused on close-ranged combat, the only weapon she has being able to dish out high damage at the expense of being close to enemies at all time. It's easier to take more risky plays as her due to her high health and ability to dash away form danger if it calls for it.

  • Ignore items that benefit specific Weapon types, such as Special Rounds and Gunpowder, as these have no affect on the boxing gloves and are practically useless.
  • Due to her low starting speed, items like Diet Pills and Soap Bar that increase her speed greatly benefit Fuji.
    • Sugar? might be worthwhile due to her high starting HP neutralizing the half HP reduction.
  • Items that increase HP such as Peanut Butter Bunny and Gold Herb aren't as important to Fuji due to her high starting HP.
  • Because she is constantly doing up-close damage, items like Ice Cube and Taser can allow better getaways if Fuji is cornered.
  • Because she automatically destroys weapons, items like Heart of Steel and Trade-in-Receipt will get more use than normal.
  • Her fists are considered bullets, meaning items like Busted Microwave and Weird Magazine will work on her.

Character Related Achievements

TheFighter.png The Fighter - Have over 12 maximum HP in one run.

TheCandidate.png The Candidate - Knock out Chunks on every possible floor you visited

TheWrestler.jpg The Wrestler - Finish a run with all curses enabled.

HittoDeath.png Hit to Death - Complete the Normal Ending.

Showdown.png Showdown - Complete the True Ending.

HeavyweightChamp.png Heavyweight Champ - Kill a boss in under 30 seconds.


  • Fuji has unique dialogue with Cordelia, a trait shared with Mumba, Axel, and Digby.
  • The official Twitter and notes in the unlockable Extras art point out that Cordelia and Fuji are happily dating.
  • Fuji is a famous champion-level boxer and weightlifter.
  • Fuji has a daughter named Apple. Apple is the main character of the game Bonkers, previously made by Milkbar Lads.
    • It is of note that Apple was only adopted after the events of dead estate, hense why she doesn't appear in game.
    • When asked in a livestream how Apple was born if Cordelia and Fuji are dating, they declared her as "a tube baby".
  • One of Fuji's lines when destroying a weapon with the B costume on is "Making the mother of all omelettes here . Can't fret over every egg". This is a direct quote from Senator Armstrong in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, whom the costume is based on.
  • With the Home Theater Update, the weapons Iron Gauntlets and Gold Gauntlets are able to be picked up by Fuji, since they are technically fists.
  • Fuji's pose at the end of the true ending cutscene is based off of Joseph Joestar. Her B Costume's pose is based off of Funny Valentine. Her C Costume's pose is based off of Kars.
  • The buckle on Fuji's belt in her C costume has an apple engraved on it. This is most likely a reference to Fuji's daughter, Apple.