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Chunks on the 1st title screen.

"START RUNNING... ...if you want to live."

Chunks is the secondary antagonist of Dead Estate, and the final boss of the normal route.



When the player spends long enough on a floor, Chunks spawns in the starting room, which is telegraphed by a growl and the screen shaking. From this point onwards, he will roam the floor and attempt to make his way to the player. Chunks will spawn faster depending on the chosen difficulty, instantly appearing in the first room the player enters on X Must Die.


When the player is in a room adjacent to Chunks, footsteps will be heard, and the screen will shake. If the room he's currently in is entered or the player does not move to another room in time, the current music will stop and Chunks will begin pursuing the player, always appearing from the last door they entered. Whenever he enters a new room, he heals up to 200 HP.

Chunks chases at a speed similar to, but slightly slower than the players, and his speed is lowered significantly in a room with other enemies in it. When he gets close enough to the player, Chunks will pause and perform a ground slam attack, with an area of effect cloud appearing around his fist. If the player keeps their distance for too long, Chunks will perform a ground slam attack that produces a shockwave that can be jumped over. Chunks additionally deals damage to other enemies on contact, and while he is chasing the player, Challenge Rooms cannot be activated.

Chunks cannot enter Shops, the Boss Room, or currently active Challenge Rooms, and entering these can be a reprieve from his chase. However, this may not deter him and simply make him wait outside for the player. Chunks can be temporarily ditched by moving through enough rooms or using a Teleportation Crystal, though he can start a chase again.

Knocking Out Chunks

Though all damage done to him is shown as 0, Chunks can be incapacitated for the current floor, rewarding the player with a high amount of Money. There are several strategies for doing so.

  • Moving in a figure-eight pattern is a reliable way to keep him from attacking the player.
  • Finding a set of rooms in a circular or ovular pattern to run through, shooting Chunks when he emerges from the doorway but going to the next room before he can close the distance. A high enough strength is necessary for this to work, due to his healing whenever a new room is entered.
  • Keeping cowardly or defensive enemies such as Golden Leeches, Infesters, or Cultists alive will slow down Chunks significantly. This takes some care to keep him from killing them.
  • Finding a room in the Ground Floor, Upper Story, or Laboratory with hazards can help whittle down the health of Chunks, though the player must also avoid them.
  • Jeff and Luis have an easier time than other characters by default, due to their low speed making Chunks slow.
  • Fuji can use her air dash to easily reposition herself, making it difficult for Chunks to hurt her.
  • Rat Poison will lower his health, making it easier to knock him out.
  • Any items or weapons that stun can keep Chunks in place indefinitely.

Glitchy Chunks

A glitchy variant of Chunks spawns in the Old Set. He does not follow the timer of the normal version, instead spawning when the player leaves the Key Room with the Boss Key, and despawning after the boss is defeated.

Glitchy Chunks is completely invincible and knocking him out is not part of the requirement for unlocking The Candidate achievement.

Assignment Anya

Chunks appears at the end of the side story. Once Anya has received the final emblem. Noticeably with 2 arms, he chases her through the now burning mansion, right up to the courtyard where the Cordelia Mimic grabs his arm followed by a bathtub landing on top of him. He returns shortly after once Anya reaches the forest, his hand now torn off as he chases her once again, until she reaches Ridgewood Road.

Boss Fight

Chunks serves as the boss of the Dead Estate floor, and the final boss overall of the normal route.

After the self-destruct sequence begins, Chunks drops in the middle of the room and the player is given three minutes to defeat him. Chunks has three different attacks which he repeats in order.

  • Hops in place repeatedly, sending out projectiles every time he lands.
  • Charges at the player, being stunned briefly after hitting a wall.
  • Stands in place while firing a continuous stream of projectiles in a spiral pattern.

After dealing enough damage to him, Cordelia (or Roselia if playing as Cordelia) will fly over the room and drop the Rocket Launcher, which the player has to use to finally kill Chunks. After being hit by the Rocket Launcher, Chunks explodes and the normal ending plays.


If the player obtained the Antidote from the Balcony, Chunks can be injected by it if the player walks close to him, causing the fight to end abruptly. He then shrinks down to his normal size and opens the 3X1T Realm for the player.

Character Related Achievements

Exterminator.png Exterminator - Knock out Chunks.

MouseTrap.png Mouse Trap - Get a Crusher in the Laboratory to land on Chunks.

STARTRUNNING....png START RUNNING... - Encounter Chunks for the first time.

RUNRUNRUNRUNRUN.png RUNRUNRUNRUNRUN - Encounter Glitchy Chunks for the first time.

ThePresident'sDaughter.png The President's Daughter - As Jules, defeat Chunks on the final floor in under a minute.

TheCandidate.png The Candidate - As Fuji, knock out Chunks on every floor you visit.

TheCollegeDropout.png The College Dropout - Beat the game as Jules.

OrangeCountyLumberTruck.png Orange County Lumber Truck - Beat the game as Jeff.

AWizard.png A Wizard - Beat the game as Cordelia.

SilenceKid.png Silence Kid - Beat the game as Digby.

MuhMuh,HeyHey.png Muh Muh, Hey Hey - Beat the game as Mumba.

MansionontheHill.png Mansion on the Hill - Beat the game as Lydia.

OldandUnprofessional.png Old and Unprofessional - Beat the game as Luis.

HittoDeath.png Hit to Death - Beat the game as Fuji.

NoMoreHeroes.png No More Heroes - Beat the game as BOSS.

PunkRockLoser.png Punk Rock Loser - Beat the game as Axel.


  • Chunks's boss fight references a recurring trope in the Resident Evil series. The first four games (Resident Evil 1, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, and Resident Evil CODE: Veronica) all conclude with a timed boss fight, during which the player receives a superweapon (typically a rocket launcher) to finish off the boss after dealing enough initial damage.
    • Chunks himself is very similar to Mr. X, both characters being practically unkillable while chasing down the main character.
  • In Dead Estate CLASSIC, Chunks' boss fight begins after the player defeats the Monster Maker, turning the beginning of the fight into more of a bait and switch.
  • Chunks is referred to as both a mouse and a rat.
  • Chunks is the pet of Cordelia's family. Before the events of the game, he was given a "special serum" by Albert, with the intent of him being able to protect Cordelia and Roselia in his potential absence.
    • There are enemies in the Laboratory resembling and behaving similarly to Chunks' monstrous form, alluding to the serum being tested on other rodents first.
  • It's implied that Roselia forgot to feed Chunks, which would explain his hostility.
  • The theme used for his boss fight, And Then There's Chunks, is named after the line "And then there's Chunky" from the DK Rap (2018), a parody of the original song by Brentalfloss.
  • In Cordelia's unlockable cutscene, there are several rats like the little chunks in the lab.
  • If the player pauses the game while being actively chased by Chunks, the pause screen will have shaky text such as "Coward", "You Wuss", and "What are you Running From?"