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Jules is a starter character in Dead Estate.


Jules is a young, thin, dark haired girl with a pink bra, black nails, cuffs around her wrists, and yoga pants.

In her B Costume, she wears an orange sleeveless sweater with a red scarf, a green skirt, and a changed hairstyle.


At some point, during a rainy night, Jules appears on the side of the road before noticing Jeff's truck and hitches a ride with him. After a small amount of time, one of his tires flattened, and as he looks at it, Jules notices a Zombie who ambushes them alongside a large horde. The two flee from the chasing monsters and seek refuge inside The Mansion.


  • Jules' default weapon is the Shotgun.
  • Jules has 4 max health, lower than average and shared with Digby.
  • Jules has 2.6 movement speed, higher than average.


Jules is unlocked by default.

Jules' B Costume is unlocked by defeating Chunks on the floor Dead Estate in under one minute.


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Strategy and Preferred Items

Jules is the harder of the two starting characters to play. Her low HP makes taking damage way more impactful, and her shotgun's limited range requires getting in close to enemies, making it more likely to get hit. However, there are several types of items that can make the shotgun more viable.

  • Items that increase damage, such as Ace of Hearts and Butterscotch Bunny, can make each of the multiple shotgun shells pack a larger punch.
  • Rocket Shells and Super Shells both greater impact the speed and distance shotgun shells can travel, making it possible to attack from safer distances.
  • Items that increase HP, such as Peanut Butter Bunny and Gold Herb, can negate Jules' low HP.

Character Related Achievements

ThePresident'sDaughter.png The President's Daughter - Defeat Chunks on the final floor in under 1 minute.

TheBountyHunter.jpg The Bounty Hunter - Finish a run with all curses enabled.

TheCollegeDropout.png The College Dropout - Complete the Normal Ending.

Graduation.png Graduation - Complete the True Ending.

Ol'Reliable.png Ol' Reliable - Clear a run without picking up, firing, or scrapping a single weapon besides your Shotgun or Rocket Launcher.


  • Jules' B Costume is based off of Ashley Graham, with the name of the costume being based off of how her breasts are referred to as "Ballistics" by Luis Sera.
  • Jules makes several appearances in the Milkbar Lads game Shrimp OS:
    • A minigame in Bimsymart. In it, the player has to defeat 3 leeches within the time limit.
    • She appears on the title screen of Dead Estate that can be found on the in-game app Shteam as well as the in-game website 4crustachan.