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Diavola's first phase


Diavola is a boss in Dead Estate, and appears as the final boss of the game on the Sacrificial Grounds.


Diavola is a red horned demon with long dark hair and a deer's skull as a hat. She wears a red cloak with white horns jutting out the top of it near her neck.


Phase 1

  • Summons massive red fists, pounds the ground, then charges at the player's current location before teleporting back to the center of the arena.
  • Summons massive red fists and claps them, summoning 4 giant stars that land on the ground.
  • Spins around in a circle, spawning clones of herself that close in on the player.
  • Charges at the player and teleports at the edge of the arena 3 different times.

Phase 2

  • Summons massive jaws that lunge at half of the stage twice in a row.
  • Fires rows of Bullets that travel diagonally across the arena.
  • Lowers her weakpoint, then fires bullets in a spiral pattern followed by a zigzag pattern.


Diavola can be an incredibly hard boss on a player's first go. Her attacks are wild and hard to predict what's going to happen on the first attempt. But as a good rule of thumb, it's best to stand near the middle during the first phase, and on the edges during the second phase. These are the best places for all attacks in each respective phases to make them as avoidable as possible. The best pre-fight prep is just making sure you have plenty of health to be able to tank hits if you take damage.

Boss Related Achievements

ThisisIt.png This is It - Reach Diavola.

Triumph.png Triumph - Kill Diavola.

TheScholar.png The Scholar - Get the true ending as every character.

Graduation.png Graduation - Get the true ending as Jules.

RefugeoftheRoads.png Refuge of the Roads - Get the true ending as Jeff.

ATrueStar.png A True Star - Get the true ending as Cordelia.

Troublemaker.png Troublemaker - Get the true ending as Digby.

HeyHey,MuhMuh.png Hey Hey, Muh Muh - Get the true ending as Mumba.

ANewCareerinaNewTwon.png A New Career in a New Town - Get the true ending as Lydia.

DirtyWork.png Dirty Work - Get the true ending as Luis.

Showdown.png Showdown - Get the true ending as Fuji.

BlastDamageDays.png Blast Damage Days - Get the true ending as BOSS.

NoMoreMr.NiceGuy.png No More Mr. Nice Guy - Get the true ending as Axel.


  • Diavola's charge attack is shared with Cybil, which can allow the player to learn it in advance before her boss fight.
  • When Phase 2 Diavola's weak point is off-screen, it is still present and damageable. A high enough jump height or explosive weapons can allow the player to damage her, possibly ending the fight early.