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Jeff is a starter character in Dead Estate.


Jeff is an has grey hair and a big beard, wearing a green trucker cap, a green coat and a dark brown t-shirt with blue trousers and red boots.

In his B Costume, he is turned into a garden gnome with a light blue shirt, pointy red hat, and blush on his cheeks. His size is also altered in cutscenes, though in-game his sprite is the same size as the other characters.

In his C Costume, he takes on the appearance of a younger version of himself, wearing a red Letterman's jacket, a blue shirt, black pants and red shoes. He is also notably slimmer then he is normally.


At some point, Jeff stopped at a gas station, and while inside didn't notice BOSS sneak into the back of his truck. Later on, during a rainy night, he notices Jules on the side of the road and picks her up. After a small amount of time, one of his tires flatted, and as he looks at it the two are ambushed by zombies. The two flee from the chasing zombies and seek refuge inside The Mansion.


  • Jeff's starting weapon is the Handgun
  • Jeff has 8 max health, the most of any character and tied with Fuji
  • Jeff has 2 movement speed, the lowest of all characters and tied with Luis


Jeff is unlocked by default.

His B Costume is unlocked by clearing the 1st secret floor, Dark Moods Woods on painful difficulty.

His C Costume is unlocked by completing a run with every one of his Curses active.


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Strategy and Preferred Items

Jeff is the easier of the two starting characters to play. His high HP allows him to tank attacks and his handgun can shoot from long range, allowing easier avoiding of threats.

  • Items that increase speed, such as Soap Bar and Choco Bar, will allow Jeff to get around with greater ease.
  • Items that reward taking damage, such as Spiked Bracelet and Spiked Boot, can be used more due to his high health.

Character Related Achievements

TheDwarf.png The Dwarf - Clear Dark Mood Woods on 'painful' difficulty.

TheYoungin.jpg The Youngin - Finish a run with all curses enabled.

OrangeCountyLumberTruck.png Orange County Lumber Truck - Complete the Normal Ending.

RefugeoftheRoads.png Refuge of the Roads- Complete the True Ending.

TooOldforThis.png Too Old for This - Clear a run without any items.


  • Despite his incredibly aged appearance Jeff is actually only 43 years old.
    • It's been said that something in his past caused this graying but as of now we don't know what that is.
  • His license on the character select screen has his name as "Jeff Trucker".
    • This was confirmed to be his full name by the devs in a livestream.
  • Jeff has been called Digby's father in passing/jest by the some of the dev team. However, it's also been said that they are unsure if that was ever made officially canon.
    • This is why the image of Jeff and Digby playing catch was more than likely included in the ending credits.
  • Jeff's pose at the end of the true ending cutscene is based off of Jotaro. His B Costume's pose is not based off of any jojo character, making it the only pose not referencing anything.