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Luis is an unlockable character in Dead Estate.


Luis has gray hair, and wears a yellow button-up shirt with a gray suit overtop and gray dress pants. He always a cigarette in his mouth.

In his B Costume, his looks are greatly changed, giving him armor, black hair, and red sunglasses.

In his C Costume, he takes on the appearance of a slightly younger version of himself, with darker hair, and wearing a brownish suit jacket with a red shirt.


Luis arrives at the scene of Jeff's truck after it was abandoned in a taxi, hoping to find the location of his old friend Albert. After investigating the inside, he hears his driver being attacked by a zombie, whom he promptly shoots through the head with his Magnum. He reaches the entrance of The Mansion. He looks at an old photo of himself and Albert, before entering inside in hopes of answers.


  • Luis starting weapon is the Magnum
  • Luis has 6 max health, being the average amount.
  • Luis has 2 movement speed, the lowest of all characters and tied with Jeff.
  • Luis fires all weapons with 100% accuracy, with the exception of Shotguns.
  • Luis has a third weapon slot


Luis is unlocked by completing a looped run.

His B Costume is unlocked by completing a looped run without ever picking up a heart. Alternative healing methods such as Ambrosia are allowed.

His C Costume is unlocked by completing a run with every one of his Curses active.


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Strategy and Preferred Items

Luis is a slow character in both speed and fire rate, with it being made up for in his weapon utility and variety to allow for greater combinations with items.

  • Items that increase speed, such as Soap Bar and Choco Bar, will allow Luis to get around with greater ease.
  • Items that increase fire rate, such as Carmel Bunny and Modding Kit 1, will make Magnum's slow fire rate way less of a problem.
  • Items that reward scrapping weapons, such as Trade-in Receipt and Heart of Steel, can be utilized more because of the extra weapon slot, allowing a secondary weapon can be used safely at all times.
  • A great way to utilize the 3rd weapon slot is to use it as a scrap slot, one slot for your default, one slot for a powerful secondary like a golden gun or mini-bazooka, and a 3rd slot to scrap all other weapons you come across, this way you don't have to lose your secondary to scrap weapons

Character Related Achievements

TheEx-Officer.png The Ex-Officer - Clear a Looped Run.

TheNightmareCop.png The Nightmare Cop - Clear a looped run without ever picking up a heart.

TheDetective.jpg The Detective - Finish a run with all curses enabled.

OldandUnprofessional.png Old and Unprofessional - Complete the Normal Ending.

DirtyWork.png Dirty Work - Complete the True Ending.

Shiny!.png Shiny! - Destroy a full ammo Golden Gun.


  • Luis' B-costume is designed after Stan from the upcoming game Nightmare Cops
  • The devs have said that Luis is bisexual.
    • It's unclear if this was said in jest or if it's actually canon.
  • Luis was confirmed to be college friends with Albert.
  • Luis' pose at the end of the true ending cutscene is based off Deadly Queen. His B Costume's pose is based off Father Pucci. His C Costume's pose is based off of Yoshikage Kira.