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A loop run is a unique mechanic in Dead Estate

How to Access

On the Balcony, rather then going up towards the elevator, if the player goes down, they will reach a ledge. Falling off this ledge will cause you to land back at the Ground Floor, with all your items, weapons, and stat upgrades.


  • The game difficulty is increased by one higher, with all changes associated with it being applied. No difficulty change occurs when the player starts the run on X Must Die.
  • Witch Shop (regardless of the current shopkeeper) and Cultist Shop prices are doubled. This doesn't apply to the Clinic or the Weapon Shop.


TheEx-Officer.png The Ex-Officer - Clear a looped run.

TheNightmareCop.png The Nightmare Cop - As Luis, clear a looped run without ever picking up a heart.

AnotherGo-round.png Another Go-Round - Leap off the balcony and loop your run.

Again.png Again?! - Loop twice in a single run.


  • Despite the game's difficulty being changed, none of the achievements tied to winning on a difficulty can be earned on a loop. This is most likely done to prevent easily earning them from gaining an absurd amount of items.