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Albert(or Al) is a major character in Dead Estate, as well as the father of Cordelia/husband of Roselia.


Albert is a light skinned man, with gray hair with lighter strips in it, as well as a gray beard. He wears a gray lab coat with darker gloves and boots, as well as a pair of black glasses.


Albert lived in the mansion with his family, spending much of his time in his laboratory studying alternate universes. It's there that he discovered the 3X1T Realm, even being able to pull monsters back into his dimension. He then sent his lab rat Chunks, into the realm and was able to successfully bring him back. He finally decides to enter it himself, but before leaving he gives Chunks a serum to protect his family, at the cost of Chunks losing his memory, which will prevent access to the portal. He also creates a serum to revert Chunks back to normal if need be and locks it into a coffin on The Balcony. Once he entered the realm, he was captured by Diavola, where he remained for a unspecified period of time.

Later, Cordelia discovers a note he wrote to herself and Roselia, including instructions on how to revert Chunks back to normal. Once the player reaches the final boss, Albert is seen tied to a table before being flung into the arena, where he is saved by Cordelia (or Roselia if the player is Cordelia) after the first phase. Once Diavola is fully vanquished, they are returned to the mansion, where he is thrown a welcome home party by his family.


  • Prior to reaching the Exit Realm, he found Mumba after he got flung out of the Ugby Mumba dimension, which he then saved by placing him into a tube in his lab.
  • He was confirmed to be college friends with Luis.
    • His mysterious disappearance is why Luis investigated the house in the first place.
  • He was originally unnamed prior to the 'Bombs Away' update, where he was addressed by name by Roselia in some dialogue in the Kitchen.