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The music in Dead Estate was created by MajorWipeout. This soundtrack can be found on Bandcamp and YouTube. It can also be purchased directly on Steam alongside the game itself.

Official Soundtrack

Title Length Plays where?
Dead Estate 01:09 Title Screen (1st ver)
Here We Go (Again) 02:50 Ground Floor
Sex Sells 01:36 Witch Shop
Combative Dissonance 02:46 Upper Story
RUN! 00:35 Chunks Chase
Rising Tension 02:44 Attic Sanctum
Deadline 00:41 Challenge Room
Getting Experimental 03:29 Laboratory
Bigger and Better 01:32 Boss Theme
Steady Yourself 00:54 Dead Estate (floor)
And Then There's Chunks 01:09 Chunks Final Boss
The End? 01:43 End Credits
Dead Estate (Chapter 2) 01:36 Title Screen (2nd ver)
A Warning From Beyond 02:46 Cordelia Lantern Cutscene
Dead Estate (Chapter 3) 01:36 Title Screen (3rd ver)
Sneaking Out 03:29 Dark Moods Woods
Pharaoh's Tomb 04:05 Forsaken Crypt
Lights, Camera, 03:03 Abandoned Set
ACTION 00:53 Glitchy Chunks Chase
Sunken Dreams 03:50 Sunken Ship
One-Way 3X1T 02:15 3X1T Realm
Diavola's Cage 02:12 Diavola Phase 1
Diavola's Rage 02:01 Diavola Phase 2
A Grand Escape 00:37 True Ending Cutscene 1
Safe and Sound 01:38 True Ending Cutscene 2
Dead Estate (True Ending) 01:36 Title Screen (true ending ver)
Dead Estate (100% Completion) 01:36 Title Screen (100% save file ver)